Gatebox Virtual Home Robot Has The Potential To Be Like The Real-Life Her

Spike Jonze’s sci-fi drama Her (Annapurna Pictures, 2013) offers a grim insight into how tech can affect us emotionally. It tells of a story about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with an highly intelligent operating system and eventually falling in love with ‘her’. The notion behind Her sounds farfetched, but sadly, nothing […]

Elgato Eve Light Switch Lets You Use Siri To Turn Your Lights On And Off

Forget about clapping your hands to turn on the lights. That’s so passé and so impractical. Seriously, can you imagine clapping becomes forbidden in your own home for fear of turning on or off the light for no reasons? Well, with the Elgato Eve Connected Light Switch there’s no such worry because you will be […]

This Is Zenbo, ASUS’s First Robot Who Wants To Be Your Family’s Butler

ASUS is well known for computers and mobile devices, but little did we know that the Taiwanese company has plan beyond run-of-the-mill consumer electronics, or should we say, going beyond inanimate products. Over the weekend, at Taiwan’s biggest computer and electronics show, Computex, ASUS shown off its very own robot, a cute little thing called […]

LG Unveils IoT Hub, K Series Handset and Eye-watering HDR 4K TV

We try to avoid CES every year. Why? Because, a show like this never fail to remind us that we have to work triple hard to own all the delightful gadgets and as you might have guess it, LG is one of the biggest “culprit” that would make us exclaim ‘this is why we are […]

Savant Remote: a Uber Sleek Universal Remote For Both Home Entertainment and Home Automation

And we thought we have solved our too many remotes woe, then home automation comes along. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, then Savant Remote might just be the answer you have been looking for. Savant Remote is a universal remote that covers all your entertainment and home automation needs, and it […]

ZTE Unveils Blade D6 for Select Markets and Dabbles in Home Automation

At last week’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai, ZTE unveiled a new Blade handset that has an uncanny resemblance to iPhone 6. Not withstanding the ‘copy’, we kind of like its look, though we can’t say the same for the specs. It is obviously not a flagship. In fact, the Blade line has never been a […]

Pebblebee Stone Tracks Item and Lets You Make Shortcut Actions

We have a lot of objects in our life that is at risk of lost, but instead waiting for that to happen, you can actually prevent lost from happening by tagging them with a handy Bluetooth tracker like Pebblebee Stone. But the Stone here from Seattle-based startup, Pebblebee, can not tag your fido to make […]

Could NEEO Be The Answer to the First World Problem of Too Many Remotes?

The idea of consolidating remotes to come under one universal remote is not new. Throughout the years, we have seen many of them pouring into the market, including using your smartphone for this purpose. We tried a few ourselves, including Logitech’s earlier Harmony remotes and a couple of app-based solutions. The fact we have given […]

Awesome New Home Automation Gadgetry That Men Will Love

Men like meat, sports, the female form, and gadgets. Like death and taxes, these are facts of life. The recent boom in home automation technology has made most men giddy with excitement, imaging having Bond-esque homes with high-tech gadgetry at every turn. Home automation isn’t just cool and stylish; it’s also convenient, giving you push-button […]

This Tiny Cube Will Make Your Home Smarter Without Additional Sensors

So you never gotten around home automation yet? Probably because it sounds like a complicated business? I am afraid it is. Home automation is never simple. It involves a host of other stuff, which honestly, you really have to know what you are doing to get it going. However, lucky for you, all-in-one solution exists […]