Honeywell Joins The Smart Device Bandwagon With Lyric Thermostat

Honeywell is no stranger to temperature control and automation, and it is a matter of time that the New Jersey-based firm introduces a Nest-like thermostat aimed at intelligently setting the right temperature of your home based on your lifestyle. fancy words aside, Lyric is essentially a smart thermostat that heats or cools your home based […]

Lutron Smart Bridge Wants To Turn Every Home Into A Connected Home

if you are looking to turn your humble abode into a connected one without a PhD, Pennsylvania-based energy saving products maker Lutron Electronics have come up with a solution that promised a hassle-free setup. the Lutron Smart Bridge and its companion software, Lutron app are especially tailored for DIYers to turn their home into a […]

tado Cooling Turns Any Air Conditioner Into Smart AC

with Internet of Things being all the rage, we can’t help but to notice that older home appliances, such as the good’ol AC units, are being left in the cold. we can’t say everything that is non-connected in the home can be inducted into your home automation network, but one thing for sure is, with […]

Nest Thermostat Now Available On Google Play

we are not sure where Google Play is heading, but it is definitely going to be more than just a mobile device webstore touting Google’s mobile OS. case in the point: the second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is now available on Google Play for the same $249. we didn’t managed to feature the Nest Thermostat […]

ALYT DIY Smart Home Manager

instead of making life a little more easy, separate home automation products can really get to our head and makes us even more busy. so what you really need is one device, a digital butler of sort, to manage all those connected devices, which is exact what the ALYT DIY Smart Home Manager set out to do.

Parce Intelligent Energy-Saving Electrical Plug

the Parce Intelligent Energy-Saving Electrical Plug is not the official product name. its actual product name is just Parce, but it is pitching itself as the world’s first intelligent energy-saving program. so, yes. it is being pushed as program rather than a hardware and this nifty little device could potentially save…

Belkin Smart LED Lighting Starter Set

continuing to expand its WeMo portfolio, Belkin introduces the Belkin Smart LED Lighting, giving home automation geeks yet another option when it comes to smart lightings. announced earlier today at the 2014 International CES, the Belkin Smart LED Lighting Starter Set consists

Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox

first of all, let us assure you on two things with regard to the Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox here: one, Mr. Postman is not a person, and two, it is not a DIY ‘You-Got-Mail’ mailbox. it is a carefully thought out, solar-powered and WiFi-enabled mailbox that you can unlock remotely with your smartphone.

Ninja Sphere

we wouldn’t say there is an on-going home automation craze, but the number of gadgets and gizmos that allows us to work towards a serious home automation setup are overwhelming and prompts us to think, ‘what if we could weave all those individual devices up and turn them into a complete system where you can keep

Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip

home automation. who doesn’t want it? but not everybody have the need to control everything. there are times, you just want to turn on or off a light, or fire up the standalone heater before you get home and that’s it. no frill, no complication, just simple flipping the switch from elsewhere.