With Aireon System, Air Traffic Controllers Will Know Where Planes Are Anywhere In The World

If you don’t already know, all passenger airliners in the air are tracked and until now, air traffic controllers rely solely ground-based surveillance to do so. But being ground-based, it is obviously not going to cover every inch of the airspace. In fact, we learned that ground-based radars only covers 30 percent of the globe. […]

Tokyo’s Taxis Change Vehicle Color To Indicate The Taxi’s Status

Imagine this: you wanted to hail a cab. You raise your hand to whichever taxi that’s coming your way in hope it is vacant. Sometimes, you try your best to squint your eyes to see the tiny sign on or inside the taxi if is vacant. It really is a hit-and-miss adventure. Well, not if […]

This Mechanism Enables Developable Surfaces As Found On Iron Man’s Suit

It looks like Brigham Young University, or BYU, is not done with exploring the wonder of origami. After developing an origami-inspired bulletproof shield for law enforcement, the university’s researchers makes an even mind-blowing origami-inspired development which they call “developable mechanisms.” With this new development, it allows complex surfaces on a device to morph and transform […]

Boston Dynamics Handle Evolved Into An Ostrich-like Logistic Robot

Like a creepy robot apocalypse film, Boston Dynamics Handle Robot from two years ago has evolved (thankfully, not on its own!). In the original, it was a biped on wheels and had a pair of arms, but now, it has been reimagined into a strange-looking animal-like robot that retains the biped with two wheels configuration, […]

How Modern Technology Has Made Our Life Easier

Thanks to technology our lives are more convenient and enjoyable. Technology has been changing rapidly, and developments have made it possible for us to lead far more comfortable lives. It’s had a significant impact on the world of business and allowed us to be more productive. With so much technology around us, we sometimes forget […]

Goodyear Dreams Of The Boldest Flying Car Concept Yet With Aero Tires

To be perfectly, we are kind of disappointed with the progress of flying cars. It seems like flying cars that so many companies claimed to be making are nothing more than an aircraft. Our concept of flying stemmed from Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk. OK. Maybe not the gullwing doors that make it fly, but something along […]

AI Cameras That Spots Potential Shoplifters: Pre-Crime Unit Is Real?

Can a human spot potential shoplifters before the deed is done? Possibly. If given enough training and experience, a person may be able to pick out those who intend to pay for the products and those who don’t. But lets be honest, other than big retail stores, no other retail stores will dedicate staff just […]

Hyundai Wants You To Unlock, Start And Drive Its Cars With A Smartphone

First, you can access your home with a smartphone and soon, you will be able to do the same with a car. Well, at least, you should be able to with the next-generation 2020 Hyundai Sonata which will make its U.S. debut at the New York International Auto Show, happening from April 19-29, 2019. Hyundai […]

This Fisheye Lens Is So Freaking Wide That It Can See Behind Itself

This is a fisheye lens built by founder of Lensrentals, Roger Cicala. It is not just any fisheye lens. It is a hyper fisheye lens. Why hyper? Because it is so freaking wide that it can see behind itself. Well, that kind of make it a 360 camera, doesn’t it? That said, can you still […]

France Security Firm’s Anti-Drone Gun Looks A Thing From Sci-Fi Series

We have featured quite a few anti-drone measures which are mostly weapons of sort, including a gleeful and not-so-serious anti-drone shotgun, as well as a home drone detection system. As far as gun-like weapons go, there are handful, but honestly speaking, nothing works look cool. I know. It don’t need to (look cool), but it […]