Some New Zealanders Will Be Eating Bouquet of KFC On Valentine’s Day

It is customary for a man to gift the love of his life a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day (the price hike on this tho…), but what about a girl’s gift to the man? I don’t know. A Playstation 4 perhaps? Or maybe a sleek iPhone cover like this? But for New Zealanders, particularly […]

One Lucky New Zealander Will Now Have A Home Smelling Like KFC

First, there was KFC flavored and edible nail polish, then apparently, there was “KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen,” and now, the world’s famous fried chicken New Zealand franchise is showing off, wait for this… KFC Scented Candle! No clue as what’s the smell like though, but it looks like the response was pretty positive with this […]

Colonel Sanderses Battle Anti-Colonel In New KFC Superhero Comic

You have tasted the fried chicken made from secret recipe and recognized the iconic Colonel Sanders. Now, you can read Colonel Sanders’ adventure in ink and mind you, this isn’t just some cheap cartoon literature aimed to hypnotize kids to mindlessly love the Finger Lickin’ Good chicken fried; this is a real deal superhero story […]

KFC-flavored Nail Polish: Now, That’s Literally Finger Lickin’ Good!

I remember when I was younger, KFC used to serve fried chickens with real plates and proper cutlery (yes, I am that old). In the early years, the management decided to dispense with the formality and took on the disposable route, which kind of makes sense as one of its very first and arguably most […]

Never Mind About Greasy Fingers, KFC Tray Typer Will Let You Type Away Without Greasing Your Handset

You know how it is. You were in the midst of savoring some delicious, finger lickin’ good fried chicken when suddenly your phone beeps and you had to reply to that all-important text with content like “where are you?” and you will be like “I am eating my damn fried chicken, that’s where! No thanks […]