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Windcatcher Air Pad

if you are an avid camper, we are sure at some point in time you have this experience: getting out of puff from inflating an air pad. it is an age-old problem that’s being “overcome” with the use of manual or electrical pump. it was the perfect solution until now. meet the Windcatcher Air Pad, a revolutionary new technology that’s going to change how we inflate things and not just the Windcatcher Air Pad. at a glance, the Air Pad looks like any regular air mattress but instead of wrapping your mouth on a conventional valve to inflate it, the Windcatcher has a special one-way valve built-into the ‘mouth’ of the air pad where all you need is to blow into that large opening and it catches the air and drawing the surrounding air along with and thereby enabling the Windcatcher Air Pad to inflate in double quick time. it is hard to explain how amazing this product is and the best way to understand its awesomeness is to catch videos of it in action, which you can find after the break. Continue reading Windcatcher Air Pad

Mutator – keeps your iPhone completely silent

many iPhone users didn’t realize this: your iPhone is not completely silent even after you flicked the ring/silent switch. i learnt that through the hard way. years ago, i was in a court attendance which i have no business in and naturally, i got bored and decided to check on my phone which was on silent, but as i turned on the phone, the game that i didn’t quit from the last use kicked in with loud sound effects. as you could have imagined, i had a good stare from the presiding judge. it was a disaster. from then on, my handset will be shut down completely if there’s something important that requires absolute silent or anything that needs me to be free from any form of distractions, but as it turns out, there is a better solution out there and it is called the Mutator. so what’s the deal with a Mutator? well, it is a nifty accessory that plugs right into your iPhone’s headphone port and enables you to silent virtually any kind of sounds – from videos, apps, music, Siri, alerts, camera sounds, web audio et cetera – with just a simple twist. a twist – yes. when plugged in, it allows to you choose to silent or not to silent your phone so you don’t have unplug this pretty little pyramid contraption out. Continue reading Mutator – keeps your iPhone completely silent

Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch

though the concept of smartwatch isn’t new, it has yet to take off. why? we are not really sure, but Secret Labs think they may have found at least one of the issues: battery lifespan. utilizing a power-optimized dual processor design comprising of a 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor and a secondary AVR co-processor, the Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch, as it is called, is able to extend its battery lifespan dramatically. thanks in part to the processor setup that is said to consume 33uA in sleep mode as opposed to 300 uA in “last year’s processors.” anyway, apart from this welcoming feature, Secret Labs also touted collaboration with a real watchmaker and in this case, it has teamed up with New York-based House of Horology for the development of this watch. the end result is a smartwatch that does everything you expect of a smartwatch, including displaying text messages, call alert, lost phone alert and the likes, while looking sharp at the same time. in another word, this smartwatch will feel right at home regardless of what outfit you wear. Continue reading Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

pinhole photography is perhaps the epitome of lo-fi photography, but most pinhole cameras that money can buy are either downright unsightly, or not as solidly built as one might have liked. however, that’s not the case with the ONDU Pinhole Cameras. each of this super analog camera is handcrafted from locally-sourced (in this case, it’s in Slovenia) chestnut and maple wood, and features a basic but elegant form, complete with near-perfect rounded corners. lo-fi photography is just one aspect of these cameras, the other being its design: it is virtually void of screws, with the exception of a lone example that’s use to hinge the shutter. the rest of the camera, including the film winder, are held in place with super strong magnets embedded into the camera. Continue reading ONDU Pinhole Cameras

Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System

night cycling has its inherent risk but the Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric will make sure you will always be visible, very visible at all times and having fun while doing so. or was it the other way round? so what exactly is the Monkey Light Pro? well, it is a set of LED light attachment for you standard bicycle wheels, turning them into rolling semi-transparent displays at speed above 10 mph (15 km/h). which are viewable from both sides. it is IP55 rated for resistance against water and is constructed largely out of durable solid rubber. the contraption consists of 256 ultra-bright full color LEDs for a full color circular display that spans 70 pixel in diameter. the device itself comes pre-loaded with custom artwork from move than 10 artists to get your started, but custom images and animations can also be easily downloaded to the Monkey Light Pro wirelessly via Bluetooth. you can even create a playlists of your favorite images and/or animations to be cycled through while you cycle along. Continue reading Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System

iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs

to be honest, we think The OC Dock is the best iPhone Dock money can buy ever, but the practical side of us begs the question: what if we want to charge and sync older iPhone and iPod, or even an iPad? rather than exploring ways around it, you might just want to go with the iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs. though the objective is the same (i.e. to dock your iDevices), the Wiplabs concept is a slightly different ball game: the dock is essentially a metal block that has no built-in docking pin; instead it has purposed cut slots to accommodate that the standard Apple Lightning or 30-pin connector, so that you can use it with any generation of iPhone or iPod – even the good’ol iPod Classic. in short, you get one dock that will have both your old and new iDevices covered. with the cable in place, the dock also doubles as a cable stay, making sure that you cable don’t fall off the desk when it isn’t connected to your device. Continue reading iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs

DELTA SIX Gaming Gun

if you are planning to take your FPS gaming experience to the next level, the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun is what you will need. the realism that this gaming gun is going to add to your FPS gaming is obvious: you will be holding on to a realistic looking assault rifle as you gun your way through the battlefield. it was unfortunate that the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun didn’t quite make the mark when it first hit the Kickstarter in October last year, but it is now back up on Kickstarter, all freshen up and updated and now features an Arduino innards and touted compatibility with major gaming platforms including Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, as well as next-gen consoles via download patch. as impressive as its aesthetic are its functionality; the controller is equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a host of buttons dotted around the gun, providing you with extremely realistic experience such as bringing the scope will trigger the game to zoom in for you and when you pull back the stock, a discreetly located button activates the breathing control for a steadier aim in the game.

other features include tilting the faux gun’s stock towards the screen initiate a melee or slash action, tap the magazine for action reload, tilting the rifle side-to-side for straddling side-to-side, and force feedback mechanism for an even more realistic FPS action. looking at the pledge video, which you can find below, if all talks are walked, it could probably be the closest thing you will get to a full-fledge FPS simulator, except you can save yourself the walking and the physical pain of being gunned by real paintball guns. you can help to make the DELTA SIX Gaming Gun become a reality by making a pledge of $159 or more. as always, it will only be realized if the project hits its set minimum funding goal.

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Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

how many times have jumped into the pool just to realized your phone is still in the pocket? nasty. well, that won’t be problem if you are wearing the Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts. on a bigger picture, Stash Pocket is a patented waterproof pocket system that can be incorporated into a variety types of clothing and stuff such as backpacks, life vests et cetera, but for this particular product i.e. the Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts, its maker is offering the awesome electronics-saving feature in a pair of shorts made of 60/40 polyester/cotton material with double and triple stitch construction. shorts-wise, it features premium zipper, multiple storage pockets, belt loops and the material used offers antimicrobial property and is totally quick to dry. Continue reading Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

SPRiZZi Drink Machine: In-home Beverage Dispenser

what’s the logical next-step for any soda lover? get your own syrup concoction machine, naturally, and such is what the SPRiZZi Drink Machine will offer soda lovers – your very own in-home beverage dispenser. this coffee machine-like device lets you carbonate, refrigerate, mix and dispense over 60 exclusive SPRiZZi beverages ranging from carbonated to non-carbonated drinks, and even plain water. the SPRiZZi boasts a nerve-numbing 40 degrees (about 4.4, in celsius) chilling, insuring your drinks get the chill that so you desire. how the SRPiZZi works is relatively straightforward: the flavored drinks comes as syrup-loaded bullets, much like the capsules used by nespresso machines but only bigger, and all you have to do is ‘plug’ the bullet into the machine’s receptacle, hit the button and witness your cup gets filled with ice cold soda of your choice – all 16 ounce (or about 470ml) of it. Continue reading SPRiZZi Drink Machine: In-home Beverage Dispenser

Snapzoom Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter

if the hefty price tag of a digital recording binoculars proves too much for your wallet, then the Snapzoom might be a more financially sensible alternative. in a nutshell, Snapzoom is a universal smartphone scope adapter that lets you turn an optical scope, be it a dual or single eyepiece scope, into a smartphone’s accessory lens. the magnification offered is pretty much only limited by the power of the scope you use. take for example if you have a smartphone with Snapzoom mounted to a Canon 18×50 IS binoculars, you will be rewarded with 18x magnification and field of view. it may not have tracking functionality like a full-fledge digital optical devices have, but nevertheless, it is sure a dream come true for budget-conscious, amateur wildlife spotters or any avid smartphone photographers. Continue reading Snapzoom Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter