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FlipBooKit – Mechanical Flipbook Art & Kit

FlipBooKit - Mechanical Flipbook Art & Kit
FlipBooKit | from US$43.00 | www.mechanicalflipbook.com

whether the idea of flipping the pages to create an animation is your cup of tea or you are simply awe by the magic of mechanical/kinetic art, the FlipBooKit is certain to put a smile on your face. created by kinetic artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen, collectively known as Mechanical Flipbook, the FlipBooKit is basically a box with a bunch of mechanicals within that will flip through your pages of images, creating a nostalgic animation process. the practical usefulness of this process may have long gone but it has survived through modernization Continue reading FlipBooKit – Mechanical Flipbook Art & Kit

Turtle Shell Boombox

Turtle Shell Boombox
Turtle Shell Boombox | US$149.95 | www.outdoortechnology.com

modern day life revolves around to two things: sharing and portability, which explains why we love to share the music we love wherever we desire but there are couple of issues: portable speakers are fragile at best and though some touted to be ‘portable’, you can hardly find anywhere to put it except on plain, flat surfaces. with the Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell Boombox, the aforementioned issues are virtually non-existence. first off, it is a Bluetooth speaker which means you will have wireless streaming of your favorite tunes up to 33 feet (10 meters) Continue reading Turtle Shell Boombox

Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards
Boosted Boards | from US$1,199.00 | www.boostedboards.com

if you think skateboarding is not fast enough to thrill you or kicking the ground to get the skateboard moving is a complete chore, then perhaps throwing in a motor or two into it might be a good idea. we know, we know, electric-powered skateboards are not new but up till now, they are mostly cumbersome and heavy, and certainly not something that you could lug around like a traditional skateboard. the Boosted Boards is the middle path solution – it stands between having no motor at all and those with hefty motor (or motors) strapped to them. Continue reading Boosted Boards

Impossible Instant Lab

Impossible Instant Lab
Impossible Instant Lab | from US$189.00 | www.the-impossible-project.com

while we embrace the age of digital imaging, we’d miss the joy of instant print imaging even though both the new and old technology offers the same level of instant gratification. perhaps, it was the artsy, lo-fi image of the instant print images that captures us or perhaps, it was the anticipation, albeit a very short one, of seeing the photo develops right in your palm that excites us. at this point, we’d wish that our iPhone could print in an instant, in all its lo-fi glory just like the good old Polaroid cameras. this is where the Impossible Instant Lab comes in. Continue reading Impossible Instant Lab


Instacube | from US$149.00 | d2m-inc.com

can’t get enough of Instagram? lucky for you, Insta-addicts, there are smartphone apps to keep you in the loop of your favorites insta-pics. however, if you are looking for something even more convenient, then you look no further then the Instacube. conceived by D2M, Instacube is a Instagram-dedicated photo frame that connects wireless to your home network via its built-in WiFi and stream those beautiful Instagram photos right to you without having to access through your computer or mobile devices. Continue reading Instacube

Wingz Bicycle Rack

Wingz Bicycle Rack
Wingz Bicycle Rack | from US$100.00

want to ferry something with your bike but do not want a typical basket to spoil the sleek form of your pedal-powered two-wheeler? then the Wingz Bicycle Rack might just be the bicycle cargo rack for you. attached to your bike’s seat post using simple dual-screw clamp system, the Wingz features a pair of thin, adjustable bars that hold up to 11 kg (25 lbs) of whatever cargo you desire and an integrated bungee cord keeps that cargo safely secured to the rack when in transits. thanks to its adjustable design, it can hold up a variety cargos as long as the cargo Continue reading Wingz Bicycle Rack

I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide

I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide
I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide | from US$25.00 | idrawcomics.net

it’s no secret amongst those who know me that i am very much in love with drawing but getting into comics is never really my forte. not even a wee bit. i guess i have past my prime for a career in comics development anyway – though i would have taken the dive into it if back in the days where i was at the career crossroad, there was instructional guides such as the I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide. however, good news for those who are still in your prime and are still sharpening your skills to be in this elite league, this little black book could give you the much needed boost in shortening the learning curve. Continue reading I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide

Keylet – Key and Wallet System

Keylet - Key and Wallet System
Keylet – Key and Wallet System | from US$55.00

things that people are willing to do to overcome life’s clutter, even when we are out and about, are amazing and designer Anthony Hoang and engineer Nhu Truong takes the concept of personal clutter-reduction to the extreme by integrating two of your most essential keys into a sleek credit card-sized brushed stainless steel money clip. dubbed the Keylet, this minimalist contraption holds two pivoting keys, sandwiched and hidden away between a brushed stainless steel top plate with money clip and a stainless steel back plate with aircraft aluminum core. Continue reading Keylet – Key and Wallet System

Reaper Miniatures Bones

Reaper Miniatures Bones Figures
Reaper Miniatures Bones | from US$15.00 | www.reapermini.com

if you are fond of RPG (role playing game) then chances are, you will love those games related miniatures and even if you are not a gamer, these miniatures are equally appealing and very much collectible. hey, it’s miniature and who doesn’t love scaled down stuff? for just $15, you could kickstart your Miniatures Bones collection but you might want to dig deeper and shell out more ($100 to be exact) for the Vampire Level which will get you up to 182 of the plastic minis. the amazing thing about this project on Kickstarter is Continue reading Reaper Miniatures Bones

GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair

OMGIGHO GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair
GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair | from US$399.00 | www.omgigho.com

the problem with most gaming chair is, it takes up precious usable space when not in use. of course, you will be happy where it is when you are using it but when you are not using it, this piece of hulking, space-devouring furniture simply becomes a hindrance in the living room. however, this won’t be the case if it can doubles as something else when you are not burning virtual tires which is exactly what the GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair can do. honestly, we are completely sold by OMGIGHO’s (pronounced as ohm-GEE-go) concept because Continue reading GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair