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JuiceTank Case for iPhone 4/4S

JuiceTank Case
(photos: Detached) JuiceTank Case | US$55.00 | www.getdetached.com

our iPhones are power hungry, which prompt us to amass a slew of portable battery-based chargers and case with built-in battery. regardless of which one we choose, we still need to lug along our charger to keep those backup batteries or case charged at some point but that wouldn’t be necessary if we have the JuiceTank Case. JuiceTank Case is the first iPhone case with an integrated wall charger that not only offers protection to your iPhone with its high-grade polycarbonate case but also allows you to charge your iPhone whenever and wherever you want – thanks to the wall charger that folds flat when not in use. a button at the back of the case activates the prongs and your iPhone is all set to charge wherever there is a wall outlet. Continue reading JuiceTank Case for iPhone 4/4S

spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates

spnKix - wearable mobility
(photos: spnKix) spnKix – Wearable Mobility | US$649.00 | www.spnkix.com

let’s face it: we are often in a dilemma when comes to getting ourselves to a location that’s too far to walk or too near to drive. sure, we can always pedal our way there but stowing a huge thing like a bicycle is not necessary an easy task either. a motorized skateboard could be the solution or you could go a notch up the style mobility scale with the Spnkix. this innovative product with an almost unpronounceable name is essentially a pair of ultra cool looking skates supercharged. in another word, this pair are motorized. think of it as add-ons for your regular shoes that will will save yourself some legwork – literally. spnKix are battery powered (obviously), motorized skates crafted from fiber reinforced nylon and aluminum that straps right on to your standard shoes. Continue reading spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates

Laser AppTag for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

Laser AppTag
(photos: Jon Atherton) Laser AppTag | US$35.00 | www.laserblaster.com

we love first person shooter games, however, we don’t get to sweat it out or feel the heat of the battle. so, it is time to take our first person shooter gaming to the next level with Laser AppTag. it is a laser blaster that works with your iPhones, iPod Touches and even Android Phones, turning them into a real world laser blaster. obviously, Star Wars laser capability is not in the order but rather, this blaster uses totally harmless laser emitter and receiver to communicate between players and its highlight is the lack of physical connection to your phone. yes, it does not dock or occupies your headphone jack to communicate with your handset and neither will it ride on your phone’s battery. no Bluetooth or WiFi magic, its just high frequency sound that is barely audible to human. Continue reading Laser AppTag for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

The Best Flashlight Ever [videos]

The Best Flashlight Ever
(photos: Luke Lamp Co) The Best Flashlight Ever | US$69.00 | www.lukelampco.com

no kidding. it is a bold move to name a product the best, not to mention topping it with an ‘ever’. however, that’s what Luke Kelly has named his latest creation – a hand crafted and hand assembled flashlight dubbed simply as, you guess it, The Best Flashlight Ever. so what it’s name again? it’s The Best Flashlight Ever. ‘i mean the name’. yes, that is its name. get it? so does it really qualifies for the ‘best’ with an ‘ever’? we are not so sure – however, one thing we are sure is this: this rustic-looking piece of flashlight art is awesome cool. we love its combination of hand carved wood with threaded steel piece, which is enough to make this the coolest flashlight ever. and as an added bonus, the Best is also waterproof and virtually indestructible. Continue reading The Best Flashlight Ever [videos]

ATC Ergo Dock for iPad and iPhone 3

ATC Ergo Dock for iPad and iPhone
(photos: ATC Gear) ATC Ergo Dock | from US$89.00 | www.atcgear.com

docks for iDevices are a dime a dozen and yet there are none that offers flexibility in angle adjustment. it is a seemingly small detail but yet you’d be hard-pressed to find one dock that allows user to adjust its angle of viewing when docked. the ATC Ergo Dock aims to offer this extra functionality, along with the flexibility to accomodate any 30-pin iDevices and of course, the look to match the aesthetic of your iDevices. according to its developer ATC Gear, the dock not only charges and syncs your iDevice when docked, it will also boost its audio quality – a feature that should put a smile on conference-through-iDevice fans. sporting a bead-blasted finished, the Ergo Dock will feel right at home with the rest of your Apple products. Continue reading ATC Ergo Dock for iPad and iPhone 3

Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar< Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar | US$89.00 | www.newisnice.com

hooking up an iPad to a good audio system in an attempt to better its sound quality may not seems ideal as far as portability is concerned. lucky for us, there are brilliant people out there who are relentless in their pursuit of a solution and the Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar is one of the results of such pursuit. however, do not mistaken it as yet another Bluetooth speaker. separating the Zooka from the flood of Bluetooth speakers is its ability to ‘slot’ right onto your iPad and goes whenever you might go. its outer casing is of medical grade silicone that not only provides a comfortable grip but also ensures that it will not hurt your iPad while attached to it. Continue reading Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Ramos Alarm Clock
Ramos Alarm Clock | from US$160.00 | www.paulsammut.com

alarm clocks that are designed to coax you out of your bed are wide and varied but none has tried making you walk up to 50-feet just to shut the alarm up – until now. meet the Ramos Alarm Clock, a beautiful crafted alarm clock that attempts to get you off your cosy bed by making you making a trip to a Defuse Panel to turn off the alarm clock. the Defuse Panel is wireless and can be placed up to 50 feet away anywhere in your house. so in essence, the Ramos makes you leave your lovely bed, walk and stimulate your brain by entering the a code that is generated each time the alarm sounds. the Ramos Alarm Clock is available as the base model LED Ramos, or the slightly funky Nixie Ramos, which uses tested new-old-stock Soviet Union nixie tubes that gives a beautiful warm glowing digits amidst a green back light. Continue reading LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

ULTIMA Smartphone Holder [video]

ULTIMA Smartphone Holder
(photos: NKMOS) ULTIMA Smartphone Holder | from US$65.00 | www.nkmos.com

personally, I am not a huge fan of putting a smartphone holder in my car – drink holder, yes but probably no when it comes to smartphone. however, if you find yourself in need of such a gadget accessory but sneers at those cheap plastic-made holder, then help is here. the Ultima (no relation to the popular RPG of the bygone era) smartphone holder is one holder that will appease your style-conscious ego. its aluminum construction makes it a style-sensible choice over those ugly black plastic offerings in the market and it boast an “intuitive holding mechanism” that only requires users to press and hold to insert their smartphone, and vice versa for releasing. it does not bear any measured increments for its sliding mechanism and therefore, it should fit virtually any smartphone accurately and snugly. Continue reading ULTIMA Smartphone Holder

ALDEN Seats – custom brogue style bicycle saddles

(photos: Carson Leh) ALDEN Seats | US$100.00 | carsonleh.com

the only thing that comes between you and your bike is the saddle and for that, any style-conscious cyclist will tell you that the small little thing which you sit on shouldn’t be too shabby. if you belongs the aforementioned and believe in the finer things in life, then the ALDEN Seats might just be the saddle for you. handcrafted in the USA, these bicycle seats comes in three seat shapes with four leather colors and nine distinct designs. the styles include a retro road and track seat, a dutch style comfort seat, and a slim Pivotal style BMX and MTB seat. also, if you like brogue shoes, chances are, you probably will adore the ALDEN Seats custom brogue style design. ALDEN seats creator Carson Leh, is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, so if you want one Continue reading ALDEN Seats – custom brogue style bicycle saddles

Dash – The Smart Phone Car Stereo

Dash – The Smart Phone Car Stereo
(photos: Devium) Dash – The Smart Phone Car Stereo | US$250.00 | www.devium.us

the smartphone of today can do virtually anything (make calls, navigate, surf the Internet, you name it) and as a driver, you probably wish those functionalities are available in your car as well. it is not impossible as long as you have deep pockets to buy one those high end luxury vehicles that come with one of those fancy LCD display with smartphone-like features. then again, not everyone has the capacity to buy those luxury vehicles or for some, a luxury vehicle was never in their shopping list to begin with. the Dash Smart Phone Car Stereo here will make your “in-dash smartphone” dream come true. as its name implies, it is essentially a double DIN car stereo that has a purposed built dock for your iPhone. when docked, your car stereo inherits the features and functions of your iPhone, including Continue reading Dash – The Smart Phone Car Stereo