This Time Machine Will Not Travel Through Time, But it will Cook Rice Way Faster and without Burnt

The Time Machine Multifunctional Rice Cooker is not Doc Brown‘s DeLorean Time Machine. It will not let you travel through time and surely need no flux capacitor to function, but it will sure save you time by cutting down the time needed to cook your rice – thanks to its 900W of power brewing within. […]

WeMo-enabled Smart Coffeemaker Lets You Brew Coffee from Your Bed

Making coffee takes time, but for some, it could be drag to be waking up ten minutes earlier to brew the perfect cup of joe. Well, if that’s how you felt, then you probably need a connected smart coffeemaker like the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker With WeMo. This latest and third product […]

Kenyon City Grill Knows No Seasons, Lets You Grill Anytime of the Year

we are quite fortunate over here. we can grill or BBQ virtually anytime of the year without worrying about seasons. however, for those who have to put up with seasons, things are, well, at the mercy of the seasons. sure, if you have a huge ass house, you probably have a mega size covered area […]

Steaklocker Lets You Dry-age Your Own Steak At Home

there are many things that restaurants do to make those delectable culinary dishes that you can’t replicate at home. there’s no magic or voodoo there, sometimes it all comes down to the equipment they use which are often only available for businesses i.e those equipment are either ridiculously expensive, or they take up a whole […]