Peanut Butter Pump Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Peanut Butter

I started eating peanut butter with toast exclusively after a bout of bad experiences in spending it. Toast is more resilient to the force that I need to spread that yummy thick, sticky spread. However, toast is fallible at times – if the toast ain’t toasty enough. But with this great invention, simply called the […]

Sharpest Underwear Kitchen Knife: Who Knew Underwear Could Cut?

Japanese YouTuber, Kiwami Japan, who have the passion of turning everyday materials like plastic wraps into very sharp knives is at it again. Well, actually, he never stop and his latest creation that we are obliged to let you in is turning underwear into kitchen knife. Like, I know right? Who in the world ever […]

Vie Belles Wants You To Cut Like A Pro With These Reserve Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are just kitchen knives. However, if you believe a kitchen knife should look as good as it performs, then the Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series Kitchen Knives might be it. Forged from the finest materials, including Damascus steel, and boasting elegant rosewood handles and rounding up with a lustrous design that I’d be […]

Believe It Or Not, This Knife Is Made From Regular Plastic Food Wrap

There is a Chinese saying that goes like “if there is perseverance, even a rod can be grounded into a needle” (basically, “as long as there is perseverance, strokes fell great oaks”). Well, you know what? It couldn’t be more true as demonstrated by Twitter user Kiwamikouba (YouTuber Kiwami Japan). Not only did Kiwamikouba prove […]

I Can’t Believe I Am Saying This… But This Miniature Cleaver Is Cute

The word ‘cute’ is hardly applicable to knives, but the Blanka Pocket Cleaver Knife by JHO Knives is exactly that: cute. The cuteness is not immediately apparent until you realize that it is actually has a big blade form of a cleaver, but at a size that fits in the palm of your hand (it […]

Look Out Cling Wrap, UniLid Is Here To Take Your Place As Fresh Food Keeper

For nearly 70 years, households around the world look to plastic cling wrap to keep food fresh and away from nasty, invisible bacteria and we are still doing so, but why? Simply because, there are no alternatives, like maybe a lid that fits every possible shapes and sizes of containers or food. Well, that my […]

These NASA-Inspired Knives Promised To Stay Sharp Five Times Longer

Forget about stainless steel edge blades. If you want kitchen knives with blades that stay sharp longer (very much longer) and one that befits your high-tech lifestyle, then these NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives by Habitat Housewares are what you need. Featuring a patented metal alloy developed by Caltech and tested by U.S. space agency NASA, […]

Nissin’s High-tech Fork Cancels Out Slurping Noises When Eating Noodles

Have you eaten ramen in Japan in, say, a restaurant? How do you like it? Lovely? Or are you bothered by fellow ramen chompers who are constantly producing the annoying slurping sound? I am not going to lie. I am, always. But we can’t blame them, it is a cultural thing. By slurping the noodles, […]

Origami Cutting Board Turns into A Colander And Strainer In A Second

Thinking of reducing your kitchen’s clutter? I know right, who wouldn’t? If that’s what you desire, you may want to start with Oriboard. Designed by French designer Yannick Hesch, this origami-like kitchenware lets you cut, collect, rinse, drain and pour the ingredients straight into the frying pan – all from a single innovative kitchen gadget. […]

Edge of Belgravia’s Latest Kitchen Knives – No Two Blades Are The Same

Remember Edge of Belgravia, the purveyor of intricate and expertly crafted kitchen knives? Well, if you believe that chef knives are more than mere pieces of sharpened steel, then you will be glad to know that the UK kitchen knife maker has a new set of knives to please the connoisseur in you. Called Kuroi […]