Nissin’s High-tech Fork Cancels Out Slurping Noises When Eating Noodles

Have you eaten ramen in Japan in, say, a restaurant? How do you like it? Lovely? Or are you bothered by fellow ramen chompers who are constantly producing the annoying slurping sound? I am not going to lie. I am, always. But we can’t blame them, it is a cultural thing. By slurping the noodles, […]

Origami Cutting Board Turns into A Colander And Strainer In A Second

Thinking of reducing your kitchen’s clutter? I know right, who wouldn’t? If that’s what you desire, you may want to start with Oriboard. Designed by French designer Yannick Hesch, this origami-like kitchenware lets you cut, collect, rinse, drain and pour the ingredients straight into the frying pan – all from a single innovative kitchen gadget. […]

Edge of Belgravia’s Latest Kitchen Knives – No Two Blades Are The Same

Remember Edge of Belgravia, the purveyor of intricate and expertly crafted kitchen knives? Well, if you believe that chef knives are more than mere pieces of sharpened steel, then you will be glad to know that the UK kitchen knife maker has a new set of knives to please the connoisseur in you. Called Kuroi […]

Cookie Box That Can Only Be Opened By Two Person Is So National Treasure

This is a Cookie Box and it could very well be a Da Vinci worthy creation. Why? Because, unlike the cookie jars you know, this box has a complex mechanism that needs a little team work, unless you’re born with three hands, to reveal the precious treats stashed within. About the third hand… it means […]

If You Want A Perfect Joe, Then You Will Want This High-tech Kettle

Some say the best coffee brewing temperature for water is at 205F or 95 Celsius. Knowing the temperature is one thing, but how you get that exact temperature and maintain it for the pour is another thing. That’s not to mention the all-important pour ritual that will also effect the taste of the coffee. A […]

This Stovetop Pizza Oven Lets You Make Pizzeria-Quality Pizzas In Minutes

If you have a thing for crafting your own pizzas and do not own an oven, here’s a nifty kitchenware called Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven that will let make your own Italian pie. Brought to you by the same folks who designed the portable pizza oven, this a mouthful product has no burner or […]

Batman Egg Cup Makes An Egg Looks Like Humpty Dumpty in Batman Costume

Breakfast, if you ever have time to enjoy it, is hardly consider fun for adults. Can you even imagine what it is like for kids? I am sure you can, but luckily, there’s a quite a few way to spice up your breakfast time, or that of your kids, and this DC Comics Batman Egg […]

Ammo Box Knife Block Cutlery Set: Now, That’s A Military Cut !

We hate to stereotype, but you can’t deny that an object such as an ammunition box aka ammo box offers a loud, manly and rugged statement. That said, if you desire to have a kitchen that embodies those qualities, then the 10-pc Ammo Box Knife Block Cutlery Set is a good place to start. The […]

Ponti Studio’s Kitchen Utensils For Ommo Are Both Fun And Functional

If you appreciate good kitchenware, you will appreciate what Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti has came up with. In a project for Ommo, a design-oriented brand, Ponti Studio introduces three lovely guys: Diga, Koma and Torus. Using curve lines and colors, the trio is as fun as it is functional. There’s no form follow […]

Dune Flatware Set: Silverware Turns Artistic And Personal

To many, fork and spoon are just fork and spoon, but to Hong Kong-based, Italian designer Andrea Ponti, it is something more ‘personal’. They are not merely ‘tools’ for introducing food into your mouth; they are ‘tools’ to your culinary experience and this ideology is boldly expressed in Andrea’s latest creation, dubbed Dune Flatware Set, […]