Balenciaga Elevates Crocs To High Fashion By Adding Platform To Them

Just when we thought putting precious rocks on Crocs was outrageous, Balenciaga shows us that Christopher Kane’s idea might be way too tame. The Parisian fashion label has, yet again, outdone itself in loud fashion and this time, it has turned out platform version of the worst thing to happen to footwear, Crocs. Yes. Believe […]

Balenciaga Did It Again. This Time, It has A Car Mat Skirt. Yes. That Car Mat.

When it comes to fashion, sci-fi movies often depict them as one) uniformed look (such as in the The Island), or two, super avant-garde (like in The Fifth Element). TBH, I don’t know what fashion holds for us in the future, but then we stumbled upon Balenciaga latest Fall 2017 collection and we went like, […]

Thibaut Thong Jeans Is Torn To The Core, Leaves Little To The Imagination

Some months ago, we uncovered a disturbing fashion trend. No. Not the Fried Chicken Leg pants, neither was it the romper for men, or the lace shorts for men. It was near completely torn jeans. But we dismissed it as one some quirky person doing it to for attention’s sake and thus, we gave it […]

In Japan, They Have Ladies’ Pants That Looks Like Fried Chicken Legs

Ladies, if you are scratching your head over where to pick a fashion piece that will turn heads (note: plural), then look no further than Japan, AKA The Land of the Quirky. If anything, at least this quirky ladies’ pants that has a remarkable resemblance to fried chicken legs will have all puffed and ready […]

Behold, Ladies! Here’s A Towel That Will Eliminate Under Boob Sweat

Everyone loves the softness and absorbent nature of towels, which is why men now have wearable towel suitable for both outdoor and gym use, and the awesomeness of the good’ol towel as a wearable apparel has apparently found its way to ladies’ wear, specifically for those with large boobs and facing the problem of under […]

Who Would Have Thought T-Rex Are Such A Good Fit For Ladies’ Heels?

Planning to cosplay as Lady Dinosaur? Forget if it is a thing or not, because if you are really going to drape in T-rex skin, you ought to be slipping on this pair of custom T-Rex “Jurassic Pump” Dinosaur Spike Heels by Zombie Peepshow. Each pair is hand-painted and appropriately textured. The shoes themselves are […]

Hairy Chest Print One-piece Swimsuit For Ladies Who Like To Bare It All

How is it that men can go bare chested in public areas like beaches and pools, and ladies can’t? Beats me. Perhaps, it was a moral behavior handed down by our forebears. Whatever the case maybe, ladies who love to bare it all will have suck it up, or you could live out your cloth-less […]

Realistic Pigeon Shoes Freak Out The Internet, But Not The Pigeons

Usually we refrain from posting stuff of questionable origin or stuff that we can’t get hold of the origin. This pigeon shoes here, however, has weirdness through the roof and therefore, we are compelled to share it with you guys. Apparently, this pair of life-like pigeon heels are the handiwork of Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata […]

Topshop Clear Plastic Jeans Is Like Raincoat Pants, But Only Transparent

2017 is the year when fashion is out to make a statement. Or if you read in another way, it is the year where designers ran out of practical ideas and hence, it results in stuff like fake mud-coated jeans, clear knee jeans, and now, an entirely transparent pair of jeans. Yup. Transparent jeans is […]

Who Needs Pushup Bra When This 3D Top Can Make Your Boobs Look Bigger?

Ladies sometime leverage on pushup bra to make their boobs look fuller, but seriously, ladies, stop torturing your lovely bosoms. I imagine it must be rather ‘agonizing’ to have them pushed up all day. Here’s a better and painless solution: a checkered 3D illusional blouse that will make your boobs look bigger than they really […]