Here’s the Ninja Suit for Adventurers Who Needs to Brave the Cold

now. Ninja fanatics don’t get too excited yet. this Ninja Suit here will not make you stealthy (in fact, it’s probably the opposite) and neither does it have secret pockets for your Shurikens or smog bomb. it will however keep you warm in those freezing cold weather when you are out in the wilderness (likely […]

SherryWinks Puts Pockets Into Brassieres, Wants Ladies To Keep Stuff In Their Bras

unlike men, ladies’ apparels usually don’t have the luxury of pockets. when present, pockets on ladies’ wears are more aesthetics than functional, well, at least not for their bloated purses – thanks the various loyalty and membership cards. however, one lingerie and intimate apparel startup, SherryWinks, wants to change that with its patented PocketBra. PocketBra, […]

Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon

though this is a predominantly a man-orientated tech lifestyle website, we do appreciate awesome ladies’ gears too and the Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon is one such example of our appreciation. based in Vancouver, BC, Mia Melon has been rocking weatherproof coats for ladies for quite sometime now and the firm is ready to […]

Flatulence Underwear

imagine this: getting into a packed lift and feeling the need to break wind, and when you eventually did (God forbids), you know the embarrassment that ensues. with the Flatulence Underwear, that will be a thing of the past. well, why shouldn’t it be? especially when it is based on the technology found in chemical warfare suits which…

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater

here’s little something from Ralph Lauren that should set long-time fans’ heart go all fluffy. Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater is making a come back on the September 27 – today – for both men and women. to be sold under RL Vintage, the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater was first introduced in 1991 based on the design inspired by

Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit

how do know you are hardcore Twitter addict? for ladies, one the signs is, finding yourself desperately scouring the net in an attempt to buy this Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit as seen here worn by this beautiful ex-Pussycat doll member Nicole Scherzinger. the dress, an evening gown, is made of…