Zillion Wallet Is Sleek, Slim, And It Charges And Find Your Phone Too

I love what I see when I first lay eyes on Zillion Wallet, a wallet which claims to be the “world’s smartest, slimmest wallet,” but the truth be told, the market is saturated with minimal wallets. If the market is saturated, it is saturated and so, it won’t help whether or not it boasts unique […]

With A Clever Tweak, This Camera Strap Will Take The Pressure Off Your Neck

Traveling and capturing breathtaking images are awesome experiences, but the pressure on your neck from a heavy rig isn’t quite. Up till now, traveling photographers have to put with the burden of heavy camera and possibly hope that the joy of photography and beautiful sights will provide a kind of anaesthesia to the pain in […]

KILLSPENCER Introduces Handcrafted Leather Accessories For Dogs

To be honest, KILLSPENCER’s latest offering really surprises us. KILLSPENCER is a name synonymous with stylish products catering to style-conscious homo sapiens like you and me, but what we didn’t expect was KILLSPENCER extending this style influence to pets too. That’s right. KILLSPENCER is making uber stylish accessories for pets too – specifically for man’s […]

Cruick Is A UK-made Premium Leather Camera Strap And It Is Gorgeous

Calling photographers, both professional and amateur, who demand more style than a run-of-the-mill webbing kind of camera strap. Cruick is a new brand based in U.K. and it has possibly the most desirable camera straps we have seen to date. For starter, it is not nylon, nor it is your typical webbing-style strap; it is […]

DUN DUO: A Beautiful, Suitably Minimal Travel Wallet With A Unique Twist

You know how some products immediately appeals to you and you are not quite sure why? Well, I had that tingle when I first laid eyes on DUN DUO Luxury Travel Wallet. It is not the word ‘luxury’ that draws me; it is the entirety. While DUN wallets, founded by designer Sjoerd van Dam, described […]

Wear Your Phone Like A Detective And Say Goodbye To Bulging Pockets

Remember the super cool holster-style smartphone holder? Well, the dudes from Ukraine is back with a new iteration called Phonster X and this time, not only it has the option to hold more stuff, you get nine ways to wear it. Don’t like to snug under your armpit the fictional silver screen detective? Well, you […]

LV’s New iPhone Cases’ “Exclusive” Adhesive Is Not Quite Exclusive

When it comes to mega designer label like Louis Vuitton, they can dispense with all the market gibberish. Really. I mean, what is “creativity and savoir-faire: resistant and extra-slim” even mean anyway? Nothing. All we know is, it is from the Parisian company that has long been known for luxury and quality, and also, how […]

This Smart Wallet Will Also Notify You If You Leave A Card Behind

There are a few ways that will ensure you will not lose or forget your wallet. The crudest of all would be hooking it up to a band, connected to your pants or belt, and the high tech way involves sticking a Bluetooth tracker to track it. So, it seems like this pesky issue has […]

Phonster Lets You Stow Away Your Phone and Wallet Like a Detective

Bulging pockets caused by wallets, keys and cell phones have long been part of men’s fashion problem. While some live with it and others solve it with bags and sometime, less-than-elegant solution like waist pouch. But you don’t really have to with the Phonster Handcrafted Holster by Ukraine-based leather goods maker, AGE. The idea is […]

Crazy-horse Leather Cow Head Backpack is as Weird as it is Cool

Someone left this interesting hat tip with us, but with a description that’s nearly as odd as the product is. Weird it might be, it is still something that beckons you to take a second look. Anyways, this Cow Head Backpack probably won’t go well with vegans, or should we say, any conventional person, but […]