Apparently, Walking Over A Path Laid With LEGO Bricks Is A Thing

LEGO-related world records aren’t new, but this particular LEGO-related Guinness World Records is something quite unthinkable because, it is about walking on a path laid with countless LEGO bricks. Stepping on a couple on accident is enough to bring tears to anyone, let alone intentionally walking over thousands and thousands of LEGO bricks. But yeah, […]

Japanese Man Marrying A Hologram Proves The World Is Getting Weirder

You have heard of a woman marrying a spirit and a man who is deeply in love with his car and even copulate with it (how? Don’t ask…), and now you can add marrying a hologram to the weird matrimony list. Yes. It is happening. We somewhat foresaw this when Gatebox debuted several years ago. […]

Most Dedicated Pokémon Go Is This Grandpa With 11 Devices

I often passes my local parks seeing some Pokémon Go players with two-three devices on the same game. I thought they were insane and a little too feverish about this game. Well, I guess I have seen nothing yet because, there is one person who takes the passion of catching Pokémon monsters to the super […]

Toilet Paper Blasters Skid Shot Is When TP Meets NERF Meets Water Gun

To a grown person, toilet paper is merely for wiping ass, but to kids and the mischievous minds, it is a good material for prank which leads us to the ‘science’ of what happens when water is thrown into the mix; it turns a piece of crumbled TP very throw-able. The Toilet Paper Blasters Skid […]

Lying On The Floor Surrounded By Luxury Goods Is The Latest Way To Flaunt Your Wealth

Flaunting your wealth challenge has been a staple in China’s social media (read: Weibo). The latest flaunt your wealth challenge, however, is somewhat tastefully done. Well, at least, most of them are anyways. Btw, it does not involved crudely taken photos of fu er dai with stacks of yuan, nor does it involve burning real […]

These “Shredding” Postcards Is Inspired By Banksy’s Shocking Act

Inspired by Banksy’s epic ‘self destruct’ painting that shocked the world, Belgian graphic designer, Lesha Limonov, has created a series of postcards that kind of replicate the shredded Banksy painting. Each postcard comprises of two parts: a paper frame that looks like a 2D version of the frame that the Girl With Red Balloon was […]

Bus Drivers Sit On Stationary Bikes To Feel What Is Like To Be Cyclists

Perhaps driving a 15-ton behemoth bus may have given some bus drivers a sense of entitlement to bully other smaller road users like cyclists who are nothing more than a meat on a metal frame with wheels. To make bus drivers feel how cyclists felt when a chunk of metal sped past them in a […]

A Small Zoo In UK Had To Use Fake Plastic Penguins Due To Shortage

A zoo is NOT a not-for-profit organization. As such, it has to do what it see fits to keep the zoo up and running, even if it means that it have to turn to fake animals. No. This is not anything like the fiasco over at a zoo in Egypt. That one was hilarious. This […]

Be A Captive Of A Gorilla This Halloween With This Epic Costume

If you want stand out this Halloween, or in any costume party for that matter, you need to be in a getup that is really, really radical and at the same time, fun. If that is your wish (to stand out and make people smile), I think the Get Me Outta This Cage Gorilla Costume […]

Woman Had A Close Shave With Sharks When She Fell Into To Shark Tank

First off, this ‘shark tank’ is not comprised of a panel of money-minded business person armed with sarcasm, ready to fire at ridiculous business ideas; these are real sharks in an actual tank tank… suspended in Wuyue Plaza in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province in China. Now that we have clear the air… yes, a woman apparently […]