The Greatest Cosplay At SDCC Was This: A Human-size Infinity Gauntlet

The time is ripe to recap the many Marvel cosplays that appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and we think the best greatest cosplay would be the human-size Infinity Gauntlet. Make no mistake here. We are not talking about a life-size space glove here; we are talking about a person dressed up as the […]

KFC Will Pay $11K To Baby Named Harland Born On September 9, 2018

KFC, is quickly becoming the name of quirky marketing campaigns. You have seen how it cleverly replace plumes of explosion with fried chicken, introduced a goofy Colonel Sanders dome tent, and coming up with KFC bath and nail polish, and now, the Louisville, Kentucky headquartered American fast food chain wants to take campaigning to the […]

Firm Fires Pilot Who Used Jabba The Hutt As His Application’s Reference

This has to be the most bizarre job-related news we have heard thus far. Nigel Francis-McGann is a 46-year-old pilot who had applied to be a Captain with cargo firm West Atlantic UK. That did not appear anything out of the ordinary, except that he was in fact trained up to first officer level, i.e. […]

Huawei Caught Faking Smartphone Photo, But I think There’s More To It…

That’s it! This confirms my suspicion I have had all these while. I am talking how photos supposedly taken by smartphones used to promote the handsets are sometimes too high-quality to be true. Or at least, my suspicion is confirmed if this current viral news on how Huawei was caught faking smartphone photo by shooting […]

Meet Michigan’s Amish Version Of Uber Ride Sharing Service

You know Lyft and Uber? They are a common sight these days, but in addition to the two prominent ride sharing services that operate mainly in big cities, Michigan has another unique form of ride sharing service and it is one that involves a horse and a buggy (or carriage, as some would have called […]

Cholo Thanos With Infinity Chancia Cosplay Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Cosplay is about the effort a person puts in to the outfit. We love admiring the creativity of cosplayers. Sometime we admire them for the intricacy and attention to details. Sometimes we are amused by how accurate and true it is (like, you know, “gamer who has no real life” cosplay?) and sometimes, we love […]

China Traffic Police Is Not Amused By Chinese Delivery Man’s Golden Bike

In China, the color gold is a symbol of richest and the number 8, which is pronounced as ‘ba’ and sounded much like Chinese word for prosperity ‘fa’, is symbol of, well, prosperity. Those are two symbols one Chinese delivery man by the name of Chen yearns and adores, and instead of dreaming about them, […]

A Zoo In Egypt Turned A Donkey Into A Zebra With Painted Stripes

Yes. You heard that right. Apparently, a zoo at the International Gardens Park in the capital of Egypt had a donkey painted with black and white stripes in an attempt to pass it off as zebra. Of course, the accusation was followed a zookeeper who called it a bluff. But you know what they say? […]

Classic Pull-A-Tablecloth Trick Pulled Off On A Butt And With A Drone

I don’t know why we are even posting this. Perhaps, it was because, the video shows us the classic pull-a-tablecloth trick but with a twist? Or maybe it was because, the trick, if you can even call it one, was done in a rather awkward manner, like for example, with the person contorted and the […]