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Gresso presents LUXOR WORLD TIME GOLD mobile phone

Gresso Luxor World Time Gold 544x588px
(credit: Gresso) Gresso Luxor World Time Gold | US$30,000.00 | www.gresso.com

even though i favor smartphones over traditional mobile phones, i do appreciate a well crafted piece of mobile phone. especially one that’s exquisitely crafted and put together. joining Gresso luxurious line of mobile phones is the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold, a luxuriously crafted mobile phone for the rich folks who never got around using a smartphone (or perhaps, those who hate being out-smarted by a smartphone). aside from its striking 18K gold body, the Luxor World Time has a specially designed six independent clocks that took up just 2 millimeters of depth of the 12 millimeters thick phone.

the clocks display time of the five major business centers in the world, namely, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and Moscow. the sixth time is customizable to the user’s liking. the main screen is of two-sided sapphire crystal treated with antireflective coating and the back panel features a luxurious black Italian leather. simply dazzling. among the sea of touchscreen phones, isn’t it nice to see the traditional key pad again? well, not just any key pad. each key is made of an unique durable crystal sapphire, hand polished with diamond tools and the numbers and alphabets laser engraved.

needless to say, such intricate piece of art does not come cheap. the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold has a hefty price tag of $30,000 and is available from either Gresso official dealers or Gresso web store. fortunately, smartphone is still the communication device of choice for me, else i wouldn’t have a clue how to find that kind money for such a beautiful phone.

everything is gold with Astro Gaming ‘The Gold Edition’

Astro Gaming The Gold Edition 544x340px
(credit: Astro Gaming) Astro Gaming The Gold Edition | from US$999.95 | www.astrogaming.com

are your gaming accessories lacking of the weight and bling factor? fret not, Astro Gaming has a solution for you – in the form of the exclusive limited edition ‘The Gold Edition’ (seriously, i feel awkward phrasing that) which are essentially gaming gears created out from solid 22K gold. whoa… if this is not pimped, i don’t know what is. check out some images after the break to witness for yourself.

The Gold Edition product line includes the A40 headphones, XBOX 360 controller, MixAmp 5.8 RX wireless receiver and the Urban Lanyard. the latter is more like a gold chain than a lanyard, which would be something hip hop artists and rappers would love. aside from the 22K gold, the Gold Edition XBOX 360 controller also sports a diamond-tipped buttons and gold wiring. you might not have midas touch but you can get these ready-in-gold item to add some bling to your gaming experience.

now all that’s left is to get an XBOX 360 that’s dress in gold. no word on the availability of the Gold Edition but you can head down to their website and be notified when it becomes available. however, be prepared to shell out at least $999.95 for The Gold Edition.

images horizontal 544x38px

Astro Gaming Gold Edition A40 headset 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition XBox 360 Controller 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition MixAmp 5.8 Rx Wireless Receiver 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition Urban Lanyard 576x600px

Astro Gaming via Born Rich


CrystalRoc debuts iPad 2 with the bling bling factor

CrystalRoc iPad 2 544x288px
(credit: CrystalRoc) CrystalRoc iPad 2 | US$tbc | www.crystalroc.com

CrystalRoc has done it again, this time, it is the iPad 2 that receives the crystallized treatment that CrystalRoc is well known for. details are still pretty vague at this point but what we do know is that the iPad 2 will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB version. for purchase, you gotta contact CrystalRoc directly or pop by Micro Anvika at Harrods, London. no word on the pricing as yet, though. we will be lying to ourselves if we were to think it’s anything near affordable, but you do understand that crystallization has a price to pay, don’t you? Continue reading CrystalRoc debuts iPad 2 with the bling bling factor

iVIP debuts iVIP iPhones and App for the millionaires

iVIP iPhones 544x328px
(credit: iVIP) iVIP iPhone | from £2,000.00 | ivipworld.com

how do like luxury lifestyle to be delivered through your gadgets? if yes, then you are in luck. iVIP does exactly that. call it the 21st century luxe club or whatever. it is a luxury lifestyle club delivered through its range of iPhone apps. yes, not just one but five apps and they are the Black ‘The Millionaire’s App’, Blue, Red, iVIP London and iVIP New York apps. the top ranging app is of course, the Black which cost a whopping $999.99 for an app and is available on the Apple AppStore. the app gives member access to exclusive privileges from a host of luxury partners including Virgin Limited Edition (Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and The Lodge Verbier), Firmdale Hotels, among the many other premium brands, venues and services around the globe. Continue reading iVIP debuts iVIP iPhones and App for the millionaires

would you pay $1200 for a Franck Muller iPhone 4 case?

Franck Muller jackets for iPhone 4 544x311px
(credit: Franck Muller) Franck Muller 20th Anniversary iPhone 4 Jacket | ¥105,000.00 | www.franckmuller-japan.com

marking its 20th anniversary, Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller announced a special series of iPhone 4 cases (actually, Franck Muller called them ‘Jackets’). if you know Franck Muller, you will know these iPhone 4 jackets won’t be any where near affordable. each piece features the theme of time with intricate inter-locking digit motif that span across the entire case. there are a total of six colors to choose from, including two funky colorful version. so what’s the price? each case cost a whopping ¥105,000 which is about US$1,274. ouch. price aside, this case is purely for style-factor and won’t do much on the protection aspect. the Franck Muller 20th Anniversary iPhone 4 Jacket will be offered through Beams in Japan and only 3,000 units will be made available. that makes it 500 units per color type. more images after the break. Continue reading would you pay $1200 for a Franck Muller iPhone 4 case?

De Bethune DB-M gives your iPhone a pocket watch twist

DeBethune DB-M pocket watch case for iPhone 544x688px
(credit: De Bethune) De Bethune DB M iPhone Case | US$tbc | www.debethune.com

pocket watches or some call it fob-watches used to be a symbol of masculine stature, however its presence was gradually overtaken when wristwatch were invented. in an attempt to bring back this stature symbol, De Bethune, a Swiss avant-garde mechanical time piece maker, introduces the DM-M – an iPhone case with a pocket watch fused to its back. powered by hand-wound mechanical Calibre DB 1024 with 6-days power reserve, the 31-jewels pocket watch features 212 components that are hand-decorated and snailed manipulate. Continue reading De Bethune DB-M gives your iPhone a pocket watch twist

meet the world’s most expensive iPad 2 from Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History Edition 900x675px
(image credit: Stuart Hughes) Stuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History Edition | £5 million | stuarthughes.com

Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes, described as the pioneer of the world’s most luxurious gadgets, has been creating the ultimate in luxury for mobile devices, tablets, televisions and among the many others. this time, Stuart Hughes has outdone himself with the introduction of the world’s most expensive iPad 2 that cost a whopping £5 million (that’s about $8.12 million). so what makes this piece of gadget so luxurious? Continue reading meet the world’s most expensive iPad 2 from Stuart Hughes

Aesir +YvesBehar is for the super rich, non smartphone user

Aesir +YvesBehar Phone - 18k Gold version 800x698px
Aesir +YvesBehar Phone | from €7,250.00 | aesir-copenhagen.com

if you one of those who never got around using a smartphone for whatever reasons, then i supposed a straightforward mobile phone will appeal to you and if you are those rich folks with extremely huge pockets, then the Aesir + YvesBehar Phone is the phone for you. no fancy touchscreens or complex navigation through menus after menus, it is back to basic of mobile communication but with a (huge) touch of extravagant exquisiteness. Continue reading Aesir +YvesBehar is for the super rich, non smartphone user

Pasotti: luxuriously shielding yourself from the elements

Pasotti Umbrellas 544x368px
(image credit: Pasotti) Pasotti Umbrellas | from US$280.00 | www.pasottiombrelli.com

as you would have expected, everything that we use in our everyday life has a luxurious version. case in point: the Pasotti umbrellas. handmade by the Italian firm, Pasotti, these umbrellas are crafted from the finest materials known to man. with jargons like “double cloth system stretch over the frame” and items like silver or gold ring to hold the brolly together when the umbrella is collapsed (as opposed to the common fabric and velcro catch combo), you know it’s going to be one hell of a luxurious umbrella. completing the shield of luxury are fabric topped with hand-stitched Swarovski crystals and matching crystals on the handle, which is also done by hand.

in case, you need more than just umbrellas, Pasotti has other item of luxury, including walking sticks adorned with silverware, parasols, less ostentatious umbrellas for man, garden umbrellas and rain hats. there’s even a rain hat that’s adorned with Swarovski crystals. i know you rich folks out there are going to dig these. the umbrellas price ranges from $280 and up. is money spilling out of your wallet/purse? then check out these exquisite pieces from Pasotti here.

images horizontal 544x38px

Pasotti Umbrellas image1 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image2 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image3 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image4 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image5 600x400px

via Born Rich

the world’s first 24-carat gold iPhone 4 bumper case

CrystalRoc 24-ct iPhone 4 Bumper 544x448px
(image credit: CrystalRoc) CrystalRoc 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper | £200.00 | www.crystalroc.com

if classy iPhone 4 adorned with real diamonds aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps this iPhone 4 bumper case dipped in 24-carat gold will appeal to you. ostentatious but i like! if gold is way too loud for you, Platinum and Silver are also available for your taking. prices for the 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper starts from £200 (about US$321) and are available by contacting CrystalRoc direct or pop by HARRODS if you happen to be in London. Continue reading the world’s first 24-carat gold iPhone 4 bumper case