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what’s the craziest name for a monstrous PC? Murderbox?

Murderbox 544x368px
(credit: Murderbox) Murderbox Gaming PC | from US$6,000.00 | www.murderbox.com

i respect those who has the patience to build beautiful custom PC but i have even more respect for those who willingly fork out astronomical sum for them. here’s one PC that the latter group of gaming folks would buy. dubbed the Murderbox, which is not exactly a pleasant or beautiful (likely, more sinister) name but this custom PC has every bit of the latest hardware that money can buy in it. so what’s the specs for such sinister named PC? Continue reading what’s the craziest name for a monstrous PC? Murderbox?

Amosu brings you the world’s first 24ct. Gold Kindle

Amosu Couture Amazon Kindle Gold 544x488pxAmosu Couture Amazon Gold Kindle WiFi+3G | £1,199.00 | www.amosucouture.com

seriously, Amazon Kindle is the last gadget that i expect to receive a lavish gold treatment but anyway, here it is, Amosu Couture brings you the world’s first Amazon Kindle WiFi+3G plated in 24ct. hardened gold. what more can i say? its a Kindle and its covered in gold. gold lets you standout from the sea of tablets and ebook readers while the matte finish makes it less ostentatious. apparently, that’s not all. it is available in traditional yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and if that’s not enough, Swarovski crystals are on the menu for your taking too. Continue reading Amosu brings you the world’s first 24ct. Gold Kindle

Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones

Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones 544x350px
(credit: Final Audio Design) Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones | from ¥80,000.00 | www.final-audio-design-e.com

how expensive is considered really expensive for a gadget? perhaps, we make the judgement by justifying what goes into the gadget or the size of the gadget? here’s one series of earphones that is going blow your mind with its price tags but thankfully, probably pleasing to your ears. recently unveiled by Japan-based Final Audio Design, is the Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones that is said to deliver “a concert hall-like sound experience.” Continue reading Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones

concept case turns your smartphone into a luxury camera

Leica i9 Concept 544x308px
(credit: Black Design Associates)

finally, two giant in their respective field has come together to create the ultimate in smartphone case and digital camera. well, not really. it is however, a concept product conceived by design house Black Design Associates to effort to “combine two great products”. dubbed the LEICA for iPhone 4, it is a conceptual camera case for iPhone that not only protects the iPhone but also enhances the photography experience. Continue reading concept case turns your smartphone into a luxury camera

Beats by Dre get stripped and goes all out chrome

ColorWare Collection Beats Chrome 544x408px
(image credit: ColorWare) ColorWare Collection: Beats Chrome | US$1,000.00 | www.colorwarepc.com

ColorWare goes colorless with the ColorWare Collection: Beats Chrome. instead of the usual trademark colorful combo, this latest creation by ColorWare is devoid of colors and finishes in reflective chrome. erhmm… kind of a finger print magnet. don’t you think so? if you love what ColorWare has done to Beats by Dre, then you better hurry cos’ only 50 units are produced. each pair of cans are uniquely engraved (i.e. # of 50) and comes package with batteries and carrying case. Continue reading Beats by Dre get stripped and goes all out chrome

Crystograph bling up iPad 2 to your liking for just $10k

Crystograph iPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition 544x380px
(image credit: Crystograph) Crystograph iPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition | US$10,000.00 | www.crystograph.com

is it just me that feels that today gadgets are over-blinged? even if it is, it didn’t stop the folks at Crystograph from going ahead and bling up the latest Apple iPad 2. the latest to join the ultimate in luxury gadget is the iPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition. what set this Blooming Gold Edition apart from the rest is its 10,000 fine Swarovski crystals in five different shades, which includes Crystal, Silver shade, Golden shadow, Light Colorado Topaz, and Jet Hermatite. tired of the boring shiny silver crystal look? well, this is for you – if you have $10,000 to spare. Continue reading Crystograph bling up iPad 2 to your liking for just $10k

give your bump a luxurious treat with Kohler Numi toilet

Kohler NUMI 544x300px
(credit: Kohler) Kohler NUMI | US$6,400.00 | kohler.com

the beauty of the open market is that it has every kind of product of varying price range to suit a person’s needs. this statement applies to toilet bowl as well. in this case, what we see here is a $6,400 Numi toilet that comes with some high-tech functionality. the Numi is both a toilet and a bidet with sensor-based automatic retract system. with a price like that you are right to think that there are more features than that. indeed it is more than meets the eye. beside sporting an electrically operated cover and heated seat that opens and closes automatically, it also features a self-cleaning wand for the bidet that has multiple options for water spray pattern. this bidet wand’s position is adjustable, while water pressure and temperature can be also customize to your bump’s liking. Continue reading give your bump a luxurious treat with Kohler Numi toilet

iPhone 4 given the midas touch, turned into Superstar

Goldgenie Superstar 544x378px
(credit: Goldgenie) Goldgenie Superstar iPhone 4 | from £4,995.00 | www.goldgenie.com

one thing that we can be sure UK is not lacking, is luxurious gadgets and iPhone 4 seems to be receiving quite a huge attention of luxurious customization. latest to join the rank of ridiculously priced luxurious iPhone 4 club is the Superstar collection from London-based Goldgenie. these phones are decked with solid 18K gold with the Apple logo and the rim of the phone encrusted with VS1 Diamonds. Continue reading iPhone 4 given the midas touch, turned into Superstar

Gresso presents LUXOR WORLD TIME GOLD mobile phone

Gresso Luxor World Time Gold 544x588px
(credit: Gresso) Gresso Luxor World Time Gold | US$30,000.00 | www.gresso.com

even though i favor smartphones over traditional mobile phones, i do appreciate a well crafted piece of mobile phone. especially one that’s exquisitely crafted and put together. joining Gresso luxurious line of mobile phones is the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold, a luxuriously crafted mobile phone for the rich folks who never got around using a smartphone (or perhaps, those who hate being out-smarted by a smartphone). aside from its striking 18K gold body, the Luxor World Time has a specially designed six independent clocks that took up just 2 millimeters of depth of the 12 millimeters thick phone.

the clocks display time of the five major business centers in the world, namely, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and Moscow. the sixth time is customizable to the user’s liking. the main screen is of two-sided sapphire crystal treated with antireflective coating and the back panel features a luxurious black Italian leather. simply dazzling. among the sea of touchscreen phones, isn’t it nice to see the traditional key pad again? well, not just any key pad. each key is made of an unique durable crystal sapphire, hand polished with diamond tools and the numbers and alphabets laser engraved.

needless to say, such intricate piece of art does not come cheap. the Gresso Luxor World Time Gold has a hefty price tag of $30,000 and is available from either Gresso official dealers or Gresso web store. fortunately, smartphone is still the communication device of choice for me, else i wouldn’t have a clue how to find that kind money for such a beautiful phone.

everything is gold with Astro Gaming ‘The Gold Edition’

Astro Gaming The Gold Edition 544x340px
(credit: Astro Gaming) Astro Gaming The Gold Edition | from US$999.95 | www.astrogaming.com

are your gaming accessories lacking of the weight and bling factor? fret not, Astro Gaming has a solution for you – in the form of the exclusive limited edition ‘The Gold Edition’ (seriously, i feel awkward phrasing that) which are essentially gaming gears created out from solid 22K gold. whoa… if this is not pimped, i don’t know what is. check out some images after the break to witness for yourself.

The Gold Edition product line includes the A40 headphones, XBOX 360 controller, MixAmp 5.8 RX wireless receiver and the Urban Lanyard. the latter is more like a gold chain than a lanyard, which would be something hip hop artists and rappers would love. aside from the 22K gold, the Gold Edition XBOX 360 controller also sports a diamond-tipped buttons and gold wiring. you might not have midas touch but you can get these ready-in-gold item to add some bling to your gaming experience.

now all that’s left is to get an XBOX 360 that’s dress in gold. no word on the availability of the Gold Edition but you can head down to their website and be notified when it becomes available. however, be prepared to shell out at least $999.95 for The Gold Edition.

images horizontal 544x38px

Astro Gaming Gold Edition A40 headset 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition XBox 360 Controller 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition MixAmp 5.8 Rx Wireless Receiver 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition Urban Lanyard 576x600px

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