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Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air Is Also A Shoulder Bag

the updated MacBook Air may not be in everyone’s favor, but if you’ve put down your hard earn money on one, here’s a pretty accessory which might you want to give a thought. meet the Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air by San Francisco-base Waterfield Designs. it is a case by description and so indeed it is one, but snaps on the optional strap and you got yourself cool looking MacBook Air shoulder bag. crafted from premium leather and rugged waxed canvas, the Outback Solo, presents a rustic and classy way of toting your MacBook Air around. in addition to providing a snug fitting, protected pocket for your Air, it has two front pockets for your smartphone or iPad mini, plus a MacBook Air charger, wallet and keys. Continue reading Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air Is Also A Shoulder Bag

CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks

MacBooks are sleek. the unibody design though desirable is as good as just eye-candy when the battery goes flat and worst, the battery can’t be swapped out for a fresh one unlike some laptops do. however, with the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks from Lenmar Enterprises, you could have up to four hours of quality time with your MacBook. the concept behind the CHUGPLUG is the same as the portable juice pack for your cell phone. you get it topped up and it will be ready to supply your MacBook with the electrons necessary for a few more hours of usage. it uses your existing MagSafe power adapter to pack in the necessary electrons into its internal lithium-polymer battery (no info on the capacity was offered, though), which takes about two hours to fully charge, or simply plug the end of of the MagSafe to your MacBook to power it up. Continue reading CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks

Twelve South GhostStand – Desktop Stand for MacBook

it is no coincidence that the new Twelve South GhostStand sounds a little eerily similar to the iconic Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, cos’ that awesome plastic that was designed for our butts is actually the inspiration behind this desktop stand for MacBook. if you are fan of mid-century, post modern decor, this transparent stand might just be your cup of English Breakfast. granted that plastic is hardly a material of choice for a laptop stand, but by employing a crisscrossed blades design, this desktop stand for MacBook has in fact achieved two things: first, it is now completely sturdy enough for your laptop to rest on; and secondly, it is aesthetically pleasing, allowing the stand to blend seamlessly with any contemporary decor (we thought it will turn out best against white background and white themed furniture). Continue reading Twelve South GhostStand – Desktop Stand for MacBook

Snuglet keeps your MacBook power cable connected

no one design is perfect and for that, Apple is without exceptions. we love using our sleek MacBooks, but one thing has been bugging us quite a bit: the accidental disconnection of the power cable. it is a minor thing, but nonetheless frustrating. and sometimes, you didn’t even realized until the laptop beeps for power. not exactly a good experience we must say, but luckily, one Ed Gogel has came up with a brilliant solution and it is called the Snuglet. so how exactly can this Snuglet helps? it is basically a purpose designed ring (well, sort of) that fits around your MacBook Air or Pro’s MagSafe 2 power connector and by the virtue of the ring’s design, it will stay in your MagSafe 2 and thereby offering a firmer ‘hold’ between your MagSafe 2 power connector and the MagSafe 2 port. so there you have it, a real tiny accessory that will save yourself from a small but nevertheless irritating problem. Continue reading Snuglet keeps your MacBook power cable connected

Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook

finally, a set of comic themed keyboard stickers for all comic geeks to decorate their MacBook. made by Killer Duck Decals, the Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook goes for just 12 bucks a set and brings together the best of comics’ super hero and villains together, blending alphabet and recognizable icons into them, thus allowing you MacBook to breakaway from the usual monotony of black keys. these are not those silicone skins you find in the market – they are of individual stickers that will make your MacBook keyboard geeky-cool and can be easily applied. as with all good decals, these stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl, laminated with heavy duty, semi-gloss protective layer and will not leave residue on your keys after removing them (but would you do that anyway?). Continue reading Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook

Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case

Incase was among the first to introduce hardshell cases for MacBook laptops and so it seems natural that they traced back their roots for this Spring season with the Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case. available for a range of sizes and bold colors for the whole MacBook family, including the 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display. as always, these attractive, protective hard cases are the result of injection-molding process and offers your lovely Mac laptop full coverage against daily knocks and bumps while still allowing unobstructed access to the various features of your MacBook. Continue reading Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock
if your MacBook has Thunderbolt ports, likely that you will be using them to hook up with a Thunderbolt display and probably, a Thunderbolt external hard drive and as such, when the time comes for you to bring your MacBook out for a spin, you won’t want to be detaching and reattaching those cables. and those cables are probably not alone cos’ there are likely more stuff being connected to your MacBook such as an Ethernet cable, other USB peripherals and perhaps, even desktop speakers. with the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock (F4U055tt) Continue reading Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

LandingZone – Docking Station for MacBook Air

LandingZone - Docking Station for MacBook Air
if you happen to be using a MacBook Air and has just made a New Year’s resolution to reduce your desktop clutter, then there is good news for you and the this good news comes in the form of the LandingZone by infiniWing. now, the name doesn’t exactly tells it all but the LandingZone is actually a handsome docking station designed specifically to fit your 11- or 13-inch MacBook Air. the LandZone has three models to its name: the Pro 1.0, Lite 2.0, and Pro 2.0. the Pro 1.0 was a successfully funded Kickstarter project ended early 2012 and it is designed to fit Continue reading LandingZone – Docking Station for MacBook Air


LAZERWOOD Keys for MacBook Pro
LAZERWOOD Keys | from US$40.00 | lazerwood.com

if you are fond of dressing up your Mac and has an Apple keyboard, then the LAZERWOOD Keys is the perfect accessory for your Mac. instead of staring down at some uninspiring white or black plastic keys, LAZERWOOD Keys lend your keyboard some tactile beauty of wood. available in walnut or cherry wood, these precision cut add-ons feature beautiful laser-etched characters and symbols, and sticks to your keyboard’s existing keys with adhesive backing. speaking of which, yes, you do need to get your hands dirty (figuratively speaking, of course) to apply these keys to your keyboard. Continue reading LAZERWOOD Keys

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook
Twelve South HiRise for MacBook | US$69.99 | www.twelvesouth.com

first, Twelve South gave the iMac a ‘raise’ and now it is giving the MacBook the same treatment, except that this Twelve South HiRise for MacBook, as it is called, don’t have the organizational capability but it will, however, elevate users’ laptop to a comfortable viewing level of their preferred height on their desktops. plus, it is adjustable – from a low 94mm (3.7 inches) up to 142mm (5.6 inches) high – which most MacBook stands don’t offer and it is crafted in the ever beautiful brushed metal which goes perfectly with your aluminum Mac laptops. Continue reading Twelve South HiRise for MacBook