Twelve South BookArc möd – An Accessory or A Furniture?

do you have aluminum desk and chairs, or perhaps cabinets and shelves in metal? probably not and so why should your MacBook accessories be any different? different as in, also clad in aluminum like most manufacturers are doing right now. in fact, Twelve South is among them that pushes that matching notion, but not anymore. […]

Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air Is Also A Shoulder Bag

the updated MacBook Air may not be in everyone’s favor, but if you’ve put down your hard earn money on one, here’s a pretty accessory which might you want to give a thought. meet the Outback Solo Case For MacBook Air by San Francisco-base Waterfield Designs. it is a case by description and so indeed […]

CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks

MacBooks are sleek. the unibody design though desirable is as good as just eye-candy when the battery goes flat and worst, the battery can’t be swapped out for a fresh one unlike some laptops do. however, with the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks from Lenmar Enterprises, you could have up to…

Twelve South GhostStand – Desktop Stand for MacBook

it is no coincidence that the new Twelve South GhostStand sounds a little eerily similar to the iconic Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, cos’ that awesome plastic that was designed for our butts is actually the inspiration behind this desktop stand for MacBook. if you are fan of mid-century, post modern decor, this transparent

Snuglet keeps your MacBook power cable connected

no one design is perfect and for that, Apple is without exceptions. we love using our sleek MacBooks, but one thing has been bugging us quite a bit: the accidental disconnection of the power cable. it is a minor thing, but nonetheless frustrating. and sometimes, you didn’t even realized until the laptop beeps for

Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook

finally, a set of comic themed keyboard stickers for all comic geeks to decorate their MacBook. made by Killer Duck Decals, the Comic Keyboard Stickers for MacBook goes for just 12 bucks a set and brings together the best of comics’ super hero and villains together, blending alphabet and recognizable icons into them

Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case

Incase was among the first to introduce hardshell cases for MacBook laptops and so it seems natural that they traced back their roots for this Spring season with the Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case. available for a range of sizes and bold colors for the whole MacBook family, including the 15″

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

if your MacBook has Thunderbolt ports, likely that you will be using them to hook up with a Thunderbolt display and probably, a Thunderbolt external hard drive and as such, when the time comes for you to bring your MacBook out for a spin, you won’t want to be detaching and reattaching those cables. and those cables are probably not alone cos’…

LandingZone – Docking Station for MacBook Air

if you happen to be using a MacBook Air and has just made a New Year’s resolution to reduce your desktop clutter, then there is good news for you and the this good news comes in the form of the LandingZone by infiniWing. now, the name doesn’t exactly tells it all but the LandingZone is actually a handsome…


if you are fond of dressing up your Mac and has an Apple keyboard, then the LAZERWOOD Keys is the perfect accessory for your Mac. instead of staring down at some uninspiring white or black plastic keys, LAZERWOOD Keys lend your keyboard some tactile beauty of wood. available in walnut or cherry wood, these precision cut add-ons feature beautiful laser-etched…