Gillette Razors by ‘Stark Industries’ Looks Dangerously Cool, Makes Us Scream ‘Shut Up and Take Our Money!’

In an ultimate marketing effort for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Gillette has “collaborated” with fictional ‘Stark Industries’ to introduce four models of superheroes themed razors (aka shavers) that are based on, well, Avengers’ technology. Gillette reportedly said that they “allowed Stark Industries to take over its R&D department at World Shaving Headquarters […]

Basket Ain’t For Men, But a Crate Stuffed with Goodies, Complete with Crowbar, Definitely is

Any bachelor gathering, be it for the big game, election results, or a LAN gaming party, won’t be complete without things like beers, snacks, bacons, and chips – both edible and non-edible, of course. But ask a bunch of men to scour the supermarket’s alley for those stuff, and they will go like “what???” But […]

This Belt Has A Built-in Bottle Opener And Can Help Start A Fire Too

myth: belt is for holding up your pants. ok, maybe it is not a myth per se if you are an urban dweller cos’ that’s what a belt does, but if adventure is what you seek, you are going to need a belt that goes beyond holding up your pants and for that, Survival Belt […]

Bates Footwear Unveils Recondo, A Jungle Boot Developed In Partnership with USASFC

if you hunt, trek or camp quite a bit, then you will need a solid pair of boots like the new Recondo Jungle Boot by Bates Footwear to go with. we not saying the Recondo is the best, but when you have a pair of rugged kicks that has been developed in partnership with United […]

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor With FlexBall Technology

there is a limit to how many blades can be packed into a shaver for a clean shave and as men, we should know better. it is the undulating topography of our face that prevents a true clean shave, or at least makes it more tedious. with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor With FlexBall […]

Anthony Logistics Men’s Grooming Products

Finding skincare products for men isn’t always straightforward because all we really want is simple, no-nonsense goods that go that job done without bells and whistles and Anthony Logistics men’s skincare products are exactly that and that’s why they are proving so immensely popular amongst men who want a simple and effective product…

Hudsalve – The Swiss Army Knife of Lip Balm

even real men have crack lips, or have sore elbows and feet, but applying something on your manly lips need not to be a less than manly affair – if the lip balm in question is Hudsalve. billed as the Swiss Army knife of lip balm, the Hudsalve is actually more than just a manly lip palm.

Stubble & ‘Stache Face And Beard Care

whether it is because of Movember or the raging hormone in you that keeps you from shaving your facial hair, the Stubble & ‘Stache Beard Care ought to take care of two most itching problem that comes with this manly symbol: dry skin and itching beard (see what did i told you?). the Stubble & ‘Stache Face and Beard Care

CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay

if looking sharp in formal attire ranks high among your everyday must-do list, then the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay is the must-have accessory to keep your shirt’s collars from being the point of a fashion disaster. slot in a plastic items and you know you are putting your style in a Russian roulette – you never know how long it will hold;