This Rifle-like Weapon Will Bring Down Rogue Drones In A Controlled Manner

Anti-drone sentiment is high in this day and age. To everyday people, it is the intrusion of privacy and to the government, it is clearly a security threat that needs to be addressed. Having said that, homeland security and law enforcement organizations around world are working relentlessly in search for a solution, resorting to means […]

Polaris Unveils V22 Osprey-friendly Turbo Diesel MRZR Military Vehicle

Before you get all too excited and start dreaming yourself conquering undulating terrains in a Polaris Turbo Diesel MRZR (MRZR-D), you have to know that unless you are a military personnel, you are unlikely to be traveling in one – much less drive one. The Polaris Turbo Diesel MRZR is the newest addition to Polaris […]

Boeing New Autonomous Submarine Can Stay Submerged For Months

Boeing is most notable for commercial and military aircraft, but unbeknownst to some, it also dabbles in watercraft, specifically underwater systems, for over 50 years now. The company’s latest development is a 51-foot Echo Voyager, an unmanned undersea vehicle, that’s design to operate autonomously for months on end. Prior to Echo Voyager, Boeing has two […]

Aurora Wins DARPA VTOL X-Plane Experimental Plane Challenge

If there’s one aviation development that fascinates the military, it would be the ability to take-off vertically like helicopters do and travel at speeds like conventional aircraft. While this has been done, it was never wildly efficient. So, how do you make it even more ‘efficient’? Well, this is the challenge set out by DARPA, […]

Advanced Bazooka-like Weapon Fires A Net To Take Down Errand Drones

The threat of nefarious drones is very real and government agencies around the world are wasting no time to develop countermeasures against such threat. While Tokyo metropolitan police and Dutch police are busy experimenting with drone with net and eagles to take down errand drones, British engineers at OpenWorks proposed a surface-to-air alternative. The obvious […]

Future U.S. Soldiers Will Look Pretty Much Like HALO’s Master Chief

If you ever played first person shooter set in a near-future world, then you will be familiar with high-tech soldiers like Master Chief. So why am I referring to a game like HALO? Well, cos’ the suit you see here, dubbed TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), looks like one that could only come out […]

U.S. Navy Develops Sub-hunting Flying Submarine Drone Inspired by Ducks

We have seen how drone can be made to fly and crawl like a bat, now meet one that draws its inspiration from duck, allowing it to fly and swim. This latest drone development dubbed Flimmer (for flying and swimming) is, not surprisingly, the work of U.S. Naval Research Laboratory with the aim to provide […]

Soon, U.S. Soldiers May Be Zipping Around the Field in Oshkosh JLTVs

Tracked vehicles are pretty cool machines. They can traverse across a wide range of terrains, but they come with a hefty price tag and are more expensive to upkeep, and that’s not to mention they generally lack the speed and agility of wheeled counterpart. And so the obvious choice for transportation of soldiers in the […]

This Rugged Boot is Designed for Civilians, But Soon To Be Used by Marines and Special Forces

When it comes to tough-wearing, no nonsense boots that will see you through your outdoor activities, there is nothing like a pair that’s designed by someone who actually uses them. The Lalo Tactical Shadow Boot is exactly the rugged boots made for civilians to rough it out in whatever they maybe doing. The Shadow Boot […]

U.S. Navy’s New Underwater Robot Takes On The Likeness of a Shark and Behaves Like One Too

When you are spying on someone (not that you should, really), the last thing you want is to spook your subject with the obvious. That said, we can see why some military is so keen in developing intelligence-gathering unmanned vehicle in the likeness animals. Ok, may be such biomimicry is not solely for deception; it […]