Finally, Someone Made A Wiper Suitable For Most Motorcycle Helmets

It’s an age-old motorcycle problem that motorcyclists around the world have learnt to live with. We are referring to the ever irksome water on visor problem when riding in the rain. RainX attempted to solve it by accelerating the water flowing on the helmet’s visor, but now, it looks like there is a better way: […]

You Won’t Believe These Are Actually Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists yearning to unleash the feline side of themselves can certainly look to Neko Motorcycle Helmets. Created by Russian Nitrinos motostudio, these full-face helmets look like any regular full-face helmets, but with a pair of feline-inspired ears atop. Dubbed Neko Motorcycle Helmets, the addition of the fiberglass cat ears make the helmet looks very cat-ish, […]

BMW Brings Concept Motorcycle With Laser Light And HUD Helmet To CES

BMW Motorcycles is taking its two new safety concepts to CES this year. The first is laser light, adapted for motorcycles and a helmet with a head-up display. The former found its way into the BMW K 1600 GTL concept motorcycle and is a derivation of the design from the automotive division. While laser light […]

Vozz Helmets’ RS 1.0 Splits Open To Fit Your Head, Says Goodbye To Chinstrap

Motorcycle helmets have for decades, saved lives from ending in a snap and while designed have changed over the years to provide even more protection, how it is worn remains the same. Donning a motorcycle helmet is the same pull on-pull off method and sometimes, a chinstrap to secure in place. And probably it is […]

Wheelrider Is A Motorcycle Top Case That Is Also A Travel Carry-on

Transiting from cars to aircraft and vice versa is a norm, but if you one of those who prefers to transit from your motorcycle to aircraft, the Wheelrider Carry-on Motorcycle Top Case by Restless Travellers is the suitcase for you. Touted as the world’s first solar-powered travel carry-on motorcycle top-case, Wheelrider is what it says […]

SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet With Heads-up Display, Rear-facing Camera Now Available For Pre-order

the greatest danger while on the road is distraction – even more so for motorcyclists where things are a little less forgiving. with the motorbikes, the rule is to keep your eyes glued to the road. but how are you going to achieve that when you have to check on blind spots and side mirrors […]

Variant Ghost Carbon Looks Like A Helmet Pulled From The Pages Of Halo

keeping your head intact with a helmet during riding is a no brainer. you don’t need laws to ask you to do so. don’t believe? just play GTA 5 to get a feel of the consequence of not wearing a helmet. and since it is one of those ‘necessary evil’, why not look good while […]

What We Have Missed: Day 208, Week 30 In The Year Of 2014

Toyota Sienna Lets You Scream At Your Kids Without Turning Around the new 2015 Toyota Sienna features a built-in microphone up front that will amplify your speech and output them through the rear speakers, thus solving the age-old problem of parents needing to response (mostly screaming) at their unruly kids while driving. nothing breaking, but […]

UD Replicas Man of Steel Leather Suit

the Man of Steel hype might have subsided, but that’s only for the rest of world, while fans of this big screen rendition of the comic superhero can continue to celebrate the “brief-less” Man of Steel with this rad Man of Steel Leather Suit serves up by UD Replicas. first previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con in July

BearTek Bluetooth Gloves

being in a tropical country, having cold hands are less of a worry than sweating profusely, however, if you are located on the opposite pole and already bracing from the cold winter season, the BearTek Bluetooth Gloves will offer the much needed reprieve for your freezing hands while still allowing you control over your favorite