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Sony Walkman F800 Series

Sony Walkman F800 Series
Sony Walkman F800 Series | from US$269.99 | www.sony.com

is there still a place for portable music player since smartphone can do just about the same thing? probably yes, if it could do more than just spinning your favorite tunes like what iPod Touch offers, though it could still be quite a rough ride. despite this obvious fact, Sony has pushed ahead its answer to Apple’s iPod Touch with its latest Android-powered Sony Walkman F800 Series. powered by Android 4.0 ICS (surprise, surprise), this flagship portable media player features a 3.5-inch multitouch display, a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, built-in xLOUD speaker system, along with the usual condiments of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Continue reading Sony Walkman F800 Series

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 / 4.2

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 and 4.2
(photos: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 / 4.2 | from US$149.99 | www.samsung.com

today’s smartphone is totally capable of handling media contents, be it music or videos and with the added advantage of video recording, so it is hard to imagine why electronics companies are still dishing out portable media players that looks like their smartphone counterparts. if you are thinking iPod Touch, you are only half right as Apple is not alone in this phone-without-a-phone business. Samsung Galaxy Player is the Korean electronics gadget powerhouse’s answer to Apple’s iPod Touch and the latest to join its Galaxy Player line is version 3.6 and in due course, the 4.2. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 / 4.2

winners of theKube2 touch interface MP3 players Giveaway

theKube2 giveaway winners
(image: Vince/mikeSHOUTS)

well, here’s the result to our theKube2 touch interface MP3 player giveaway. we didn’t have to draw lots as the result pretty much speaks for itself and so, we want to congratulate Claire Pkluver and Isabella Phua for winning the theKube2 touch interface MP3 player! for those who missed it, do not fret cos’ there will more of such giveaway coming, so do stay tuned. cheers! Continue reading winners of theKube2 touch interface MP3 players Giveaway

theKube2 touch interface MP3 player Giveaway!

theKube2 giveaway
(photos: Vince)

it is time yet again. we are giving away two genuine theKube2 touch interface MP3 players to two lucky winners. however, this time, we are going ask you to do a few of things in order to have a shot at winning theKube2. all you have to do is like us on our Facebook fan page, follow us on Twitter, and finally leave a comment in this post with your Facebook name and twitter handle so that we know you did what we have asked. Continue reading theKube2 touch interface MP3 player Giveaway!

theKube2 – tiny MP3 player with touch interface

theKube2 MP3 Player
(image: Bluetree Electronics) theKube2 MP3 Player | S$45.90 | www.thekube2.com

iPod shuffle might be tiny but it lacks of the touch function that is a rage these days. if you constantly feel the need to get all touchy, even for a tiny device like your MP3 player, then the upcoming theKube2 might just be the MP3 player you need. conceived by Singapore-based Bluetree Electronics, theKube2 is the second generation theKube. the original tiny theKube was first introduced into the market two years ago and its successor is set to please the style-conscious, gesture-loving gadget fanatics. aesthetically, it takes on the Apple-ish look with an aluminum body, coupled with touch sensitive top and bottom faceplates. basically, hard buttons are virtually non-existence in this little device and music control is solely via gesture control. control is simple: swiping your digit along the faceplate skips the track; diagonal swipe pauses the playback or activates the shuffle mode, while holding your digit to the top or bottom faceplates, raise or lower the volume respectively. we thought the latter is one of the coolest features of this handsome little device. Continue reading theKube2 – tiny MP3 player with touch interface

Motorola MOTOACTV – fitness tracker + smart music player

Motorola MOTOACTV 900x600px
(image: Motorola) Motorola MOTOACTV | from US$249.00 | www.motorola.com

these days, wearable music player is to fitness exercise, like flash light is to darkness. it is even better if the wearable gadget also keep tracks of your fitness performance stats. that’s what the Motorola MOTOACTV is about. the MOTOACTV is both a fitness tracker and a smart music player. it tracks your ongoing fitness performance stats that include your pace, calories burned, and thanks to its built-in GPS, it will let you in on the distance that you have covered and the map of route covered. the MOTOACTV features a 1.6-inch full color touchscreen display that is resistant to sweat, rain and a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass completes the package. Continue reading Motorola MOTOACTV – fitness tracker + smart music player

Suck UK Cardboard Radio – FM Radio + MP3 player

Suck UK Cardboard Radio 544x628px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Cardboard Radio | £25.00 | www.suck.uk.com

too many complex gadgets in your life? i assure you that this next gadget will not add to that list of complex gadgets of yours. new from Suck UK is this aptly dubbed Cardboard Radio which, honestly speaking, has nothing much to elaborate on then to say that it is a standard radio enclosed in a simple card structure. so what good does it do? well, on the eco-friendliness perspective, you can be sure that at least the external can be recycled when it’s time to bid farewell to it. as for the internal, we can’t say for sure. though based on general understanding of a simple radio’s working, they usually don’t breakdown like the more complex gadgets we have today. in line with its simplicity, its specification is also pretty scant but i do note that it can probably be use as media player speaker. at least that’s what the image is telling me. the Suck UK Cardboard Radio retails for a modest £25 (about US$40). Continue reading Suck UK Cardboard Radio – FM Radio + MP3 player

Sony announced three new Walkman MP3 players

Sony new Walkman MP3 players 544x408px
(image credit: Sony)

Sony is quick to churn out my Walkman MP3 players and this time, not one but three models are being announced. lining up the list is the Walkman NWZ-E460, the Walkman NWZ-S760 and the premium Walkman NWZ-A860. sporting a sleek new design, these Walkman aims to deliver “premium sound, a sophisticated design and enhanced features to satisfy any music lover.” common features among the three are Media Go software, a drag and drop software for transfer of music, videos, playlists and even photos to the player from iTunes for Windows, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer. no mention about compatibility with Mac machine, though. Continue reading Sony announced three new Walkman MP3 players

Sony W260 Walkman is a tiny water-resistant MP3 player

Sony W260 Walkman 544x388px
(credit: Sony) Sony W260 Walkman | from US$59.99 | www.sony.com

just when you think MP3 player couldn’t get any smaller, Sony introduces us to an even small offering: the W260 Walkman. it is said to be about two-third smaller and weighs about 24% less than previous models. as you can see from the image above, the W260 is a tiny piece of hardware that integrates the MP3 into the in-ear earphones. this one-piece Walkman MP3 player has a rinsable, wearable and water-resistant design suitable for active lifestyle users and fitness enthusiasts. Continue reading Sony W260 Walkman is a tiny water-resistant MP3 player