Anonabox Tunneler WiFi VPN Router: VPN In Your Pocket [Review]

These days, accessing the Internet from the comfort of your own home network is no longer quite private as it used to be and this even more true if you are surfing on publicly available wireless networks. When on public wireless networks, there’s no telling if someone is snooping on your activity and you don’t […]

Anonabox Fawkes WiFi Tor Router: Internet Anonymity On-The-Go For Everyday User [Review]

As far as the Internet is concerned, no one’s privacy is safe. This is an area where a host of security solutions, both hardware and software, aim to address. Speaking of security solutions, you’d be hard pressed not to hear about Anonabox. This pocket-size, hardware solution has rolled in more funding pledge than you can […]

eero Home WiFi System Promised To Cover Your Home With Wireless Signal

Let’s face it. As advanced as today’s wireless routers claimed to be, your home is not without WiFi blind spot. There are always those corners where you can’t have strong signals that result in the scarring buffering phenomenon when you wanted to watch a video clip someone just sent to you. Though it is not […]

This Tiny Blue Box Will Keep Big Brother From Sniffing On Your Internet Activities

If you’re one of the 320+ million plus people living in the U.S., the odds of you being sniffed by the Feds are pretty low, unless you have some reasons for them to do so. However, if you still can’t shake off that paranoia, then we suggest you grab a Project Blue Special Edition Anonabox […]

Google Wants to Make WiFi Easier with $200 OnHub Wireless Router

We are not sure if Google and TP-LINK collaborative wireless router, OnHub, will solve our WiFi woes as it said it would, but the pitch certainly have our attention, because the problems laid out in the product promo video are exactly what we are facing. So how do OnHub proposed to give us consistent and […]

This Spherical Gadget Will Bless Your Computer with Wireless AC Speeds

If you aren’t keeping up with today’s HD contents due to poor wireless speeds on your computer, then perhaps the D-Link AC1900 Ultra WiFi USB Adapter (model: DWA-192) is what you need to upgrade your computer to the latest generation wireless AC speeds and looking good while doing so (just look at the sleek spherical […]

ASUS RT-AC87 Wireless Router Goes Official, Lay Claims As The World’s Fastest 5GHz Router

unlike automobile or processors, there is no clear gauge which we can use to determine how fast our home wireless network is. you can check how fast our broadband or fiber serves to us, but once it is on wireless under your roof, the performance is really dependent on the environment and the usage. that […]

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 Tri-band Router Offers Up To 3.2 Gbps Combined WiFi Speed

no. what you see here is not an alien spaceship pulled from pages of a sci-fi graphic novel. it is the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band WiFi Router which lays claim to the crown as the industry’s fastest combined WiFi speed router with up to 3.2 Gbps on the tab and it is the first […]

Soap Intelligent Router Wants You To Configure It Right From The Router, Not A Computer

wireless router is a like a mysterious magic box and is the sole device that connects you to the larger world outside and it is also a box that all your connected devices have to go through. despite that, most average people loathe configuring them cos’ it is after all, a box with a bunch […]

Airfy Wireless Router

lets admit it: we are all ashamed of our WiFi routers. that little black box, however groundbreaking, is still a black box with lights that we would gladly stow away in some obscured corner of our pad, but the Airfy Wireless Router you see here is about to change that. the Airfy is probably the first router that truly fulfills the ethos of form and functionality.