ICEdot Crash Sensor

the ICE here is nothing illicit. it stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and is a product that’s potentially a life saver for outdoor enthusiasts such as mountaineers and cyclists. the ICEdot is a well thought out emergency identification and notification systems, applicable to a variety of sports including

Bulletproof Three-Piece Suit by Garrison

constantly worried about being a target of drive-by shooting? up till now, protection from such fear is limited to armor vehicles and cumbersome ballistic vests. the latter will, needless to say, make you look totally ridiculous for everyday work (come on dude, what will your clients think?) or least, made the most uncomfortable workwear

First Alert Atom Smoke Alarm

not wanting a smartphone-capable smoke detector doesn’t mean you have live with ugly looking items. as much as we are enticed by the idea like Canary and more recently, the Nest Protect, we also understand being connected and having a do-it-all smoke detector aren’t everyone’s cuppa of Earl Grey.

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

smoke detector can be a life-saver, but at time of non-emergency, it can be quite a nuisance too. just ask yourself how many times you have to scale the ladder to silent a false alarm from some burnt cooking? in fact, the false alarm nuisance is so bad that we sometimes use foils to cover the smoke detector up

CouchBunker – Bulletproof Couch and Gun Safe

you know Hollywood movies often portray people using couches to shield themselves against enemy fire? well, those are just bulls cos’ most firearms will just tear through the couches like papers – unless the couch in question is the CouchBunker. though the advertised bulletproof capability doesn’t come as standard – it is

BULT Digital Helmets

why strap on an action cam on your helmet when you can have it integrated into the helmet? really. this is what the BULT Digital Helmets has to offer: an extreme sport helmet that is both CPSC- and ASTM-certified, and featuring a HD 720 progressive scan camera for up to 1,280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps videoing


breaking an arm or a leg in a game of sports is a norm. we are not saying that it should happen, but if it happens, it happens. it is not going to take away your life or anything like that. you recover and you pick up the game again. but we can’t say the same for head injuries, which could often lead to permanent damage, long term inconveniences and even death. scary eh?

Kite Mosquito Patch

keeping mozzies off can be a risky business. you know. it is either you get a super effective solution that will possibly harm your health, or risk catching mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and the likes, if you fail to stop the nasty pest from taking 1,000,000th of a gallon of your blood. but that’s until now. the folks behind the Kite

ColdBloodArt Paintball Masks

regardless of how good (or bad) you are in paintball battles, there’s no reason for not looking cool going down or winning. for that extra cool factor, you can get yourself started with some custom paintball masks that will probably make you look more menacing to your enemies than you really are. custom made by Thailand-based ColdBloodArt

Canary Smart Smoke Detector

smoke detector is the last thing we would be featuring here, but not this particular one: the Canary Smart Smoke Detector. just the word ‘smart’ is good enough to warrant our attentions. as you might have already guessed, the Canary is more than just a smoke detector. first off, it is pleasing to the eyes (a refreshing change to those ugly and uninspiring items offered in the market) and