LEGO App-controlled Batmobile Is Now Available, But It Is Not For Everyone

If you are NOT a huge fan of Batman, but adore his rides, then this adorable LEGO 76112 App-controlled Batmobile may appeal to you. I am not totally sold, though because, it is a tad too cute for my liking. I mean, the look is OK, but TBH, I can’t look at it without conjuring […]

Custom LEGO R/C Ford Mustang GT 350-H Is LEGO R/C Done Right

I am sure you can easily pickup a R/C car with a classic 1965 Ford Mustang GT 350-H shell to satisfy your love for Mustang, but why would anyone made one (R/C car) out of LEGO and LEGO Technic parts? I know why. Because, the person that has magic touch when it comes to LEGO […]

Nissan Created A R/C GT-R Controlled Via A DualShock4 Controller

Keen eye readers will probably notice something peculiar about the Nissan GT-R featured here. Take a closer look and you will realize that it had opaque red windows. Weird, isn’t it? Even it has a clear as day windshield, opaque windows do not make it a safe car to drive, much less driving it at […]

Justice League RC Batmobile Spews Real Exhaust, Offers FPV Driving

What you see here is a RC Batmobile from toy maker Mattel. So what’s with this RC toy that gets us so stoked? Well, first and foremost, it is an exact replica of the Batmobile that will appear in the upcoming DC Comics’ Justice League movie. As you can see, Bruce’s crimefighting automobile gets some […]

Watch The Beauty And Destruction Of A 100 MPH RC Car In Slow Motion

Adrenalin junkies love the thrill that speed brings and the easiest way to get the speed fix is via cars. But if you don’t mind, a really, really fast RC car could give the same level of speed satisfaction. Ok, maybe not all RC cars can, but you surely can get your blood pumping with […]

It’s a Tank. It’s a Quadcopter. No, it is a Radio Control Flying Tank!

RC cars have its limitation. It can’t get over obstacles, but B Remote Control Flying Car solves that quite easily with massive wheels and if the object is too much even for big wheels, it can always fly over them. But what if the terrain is too brutal and you would still like to traverse […]

Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car

the Arduino-powered LEGO Technic RC Car is where your love for LEGO and RC cars come together, but in a way that you will get a little more involved then just opening the box and assembling the various bricks and technic parts together. drawing its inspiration from another fellow contributor

The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

everyone knows the obligatory car stunts in James Bond movies are make believe, but that doesn’t stop fans from admiring and fantasized about those stunts. seriously, don’t do that. those stunts are, well, stunts and should be limited to your fantasy. you certainly don’t want to ruin your lovely Aston Martin DBS V12

B Remote Control Flying Car

let’s be honest: we are pretty excited about flying cars, but even with the progress we are seeing, it would be hard pressed for us to see one zipping around in any time soon. the best bet of a flying car experience for now would be the B Remote Control Flying Car. this futuristically-shaped car features enormous wheels

Mammuth Rewarron 1:3 Scale R/C Car

always wanted to execute some crazy car maneuver, but not insane enough to do so? we say, go do it like a man – BUT in a smaller scale with this Mammuth Rewarron 1:3 Scale R/C Car. yes. it is a radio control car, so assuming all precautionary measures are taken, it should be as safe it can get.