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ULTIMA Smartphone Holder [video]

ULTIMA Smartphone Holder
(photos: NKMOS) ULTIMA Smartphone Holder | from US$65.00 | www.nkmos.com

personally, I am not a huge fan of putting a smartphone holder in my car – drink holder, yes but probably no when it comes to smartphone. however, if you find yourself in need of such a gadget accessory but sneers at those cheap plastic-made holder, then help is here. the Ultima (no relation to the popular RPG of the bygone era) smartphone holder is one holder that will appease your style-conscious ego. its aluminum construction makes it a style-sensible choice over those ugly black plastic offerings in the market and it boast an “intuitive holding mechanism” that only requires users to press and hold to insert their smartphone, and vice versa for releasing. it does not bear any measured increments for its sliding mechanism and therefore, it should fit virtually any smartphone accurately and snugly. Continue reading ULTIMA Smartphone Holder

Lomography LomoKino Smart Phone Holder

Lomography LomoKino Smart Phone Holder
(photos: Lomography) Lomography LomoKino Smart Phone Holder | US$24.90 | www.lomography.com

we were intrigued by LomoKino, the 35mm movie camera but we are not so keen in putting our money on one cos’ the process of converting your analog film into a digital copy that you can share it with the rest of the world could be a long and arduous process. lucky for us, the folks at Lomography see this as a potential stumbling block and have released the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder, a nifty device that will assist you in digitizing your LomoMovies. all you have to do is to load your recorded footage into the LomoKinoscope, mount your smartphone to the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder, and start recording as you crank the LomoKinoscope. An exceedingly straightforward and simple process and it cost just $24.90 a pop. Continue reading Lomography LomoKino Smart Phone Holder

Liquipel. coating that waterproofs your phone [videos]

(photos: Liquipel) Liquipel | US$59.00 | www.liquipel.com

water is the greatest enemy of any standard mobile phone and thus, the prospect of an aftermarket solution that could give your phone the waterproof capability is something of a dream come true and it looks like that waterproof solution is a dream no more, at least that’s what the Liquipel claimed to be. so what the heck is a Liquipel? it is a clear coating that, when applied to your mobile device, will protect every feature of your device with a revolutionary waterproof shield. that waterproof magic happens at when your device bonds permanently with Liquipel on the molecular level and the magically part is, you won’t be able to tell the difference until your Liquipel-coated phone comes into contact with water. i don’t know about you but i won’t want to bet my pricey little smartphone on it. Continue reading Liquipel. coating that waterproofs your phone [videos]

Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box

Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box 900x515px
(image: Motorola Mobility) Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box | ¥8,800.00 | www.motorola.com

the graphics power of today’s smartphone is something we could only dream of a decade ago. its power has grow beyond what we could have imagine and to share its power with a laptop or share a video on high definition TVs seems like a logical route to take. with that understanding, Motorola Mobility Japan has announced the Motorola PHOTON HD Station bundle box that let PHOTON users view their HD content in their smartphone on any HDMI-equipped HDTVs. the bundle comes with a sleek PHOTON HD Station dock, HDMI cable, an IR remote control, and AC charger. Continue reading Motorola PHOTON HD Station Bundle Box