Mobile Airbag Smartphone Case Will Safe Your Phone From Drops Without The Bulk

Smartphone cases. They are good in protecting our devices, but they are and will never be a pretty sight. Sure, there are super thin cases, but being that thin, they are only good for preventing scratches and not much for serious drops. Getting a bulkier case is the trade off for more protection against disastrous […]

Urban Armor Gear Unveils New Series Of Rugged Cases For Galaxy Note8

Unlike the Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, Samsung’s newest geared-for-business flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note8, never promised drop protection. That’s one thing I will never understand. I mean, we know very well water and drops are the biggest enemy of a delicate smartphone and yet, so far, manufacturers like Samsung only focus on dealing with dust and […]

An Espresso-making Smartphone Case Got Suspended By Kickstarter And We Wonder Why

Have you heard? There was a Kickstarter project which involves a smartphone case that makes espresso. Yes. The caffeinated beverage that so many love. Out of a smartphone case. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, it probably is because Kickstarter has since halted the campaign, reportedly, due to the failure on its creators’ part to […]

DUN DUO: A Beautiful, Suitably Minimal Travel Wallet With A Unique Twist

You know how some products immediately appeals to you and you are not quite sure why? Well, I had that tingle when I first laid eyes on DUN DUO Luxury Travel Wallet. It is not the word ‘luxury’ that draws me; it is the entirety. While DUN wallets, founded by designer Sjoerd van Dam, described […]

Chargemander Is A Pokédex Charging Case That Offers 300% Extra Juice

Remember the smartphone battery case that looks like Pokédex? If you have no access to 3D printer and/or do not have knack for cobbling things together, Brooklyn-based design duo, Reid Covington and Chase Larson, is willing to sell you one for $69 or more. However, unlike the DIY version, this Pokédex-like battery case for smartphone, […]

Real Life Pokédex Is A Smartphone Case That Is Also A Battery Charger

Pokémon Go players can be seen armed with power banks to keep their smartphone juiced as they go about catching adorable virtual monsters, but if you are in the midst of chasing your prized monsters – such as the super rare Vaporean that popped up in the middle of Central Park – the last thing […]

Tapit Case Adds Tactile Buttons To Smartphone And Not Get In The Way

Let’s see. How long touchscreen smartphone has been on the market? Around a decade, we suppose? But 10 years on, not everybody relish using cold, non-tactile virtual buttons. The truth is, most people, if not all, can’t type without glancing at the device periodically. If you belong to this group of smartphone users and uses […]

Urban Armor Gear Outs Drop-Tested Cases For LG G5 Smartphone

LG G5 is a beautiful phone, but as pretty as it is, it is as susceptible to drops and shocks just like any phone does. And the modularity doesn’t make it any better, now that you have a detachable section. That said, if you want the phone to survive the worst, then you have to […]

Artist Is Making Mobile Phone Cases With Hyperrealistic Ear Stuck On It

If you have been surfing tech blogs over the years, you would have noticed the Japanese are pretty awesome at coming up with weird and sometimes, creepy mobile phone cases. So far we have seen stuff like the hand case, shaved ice case and even sushi-topped cases, but we think LA-based artist Sarah Sitkin’s Custom […]

You Can Now Dress Up Your Galaxy S6 With These Avengers-themed Cases

I am sure you’ve heard about Samsung’s plan to out an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge. Well, fans of the other S6 (and Avengers) won’t be left out, because there are the Official Samsung Marvel Avengers Galaxy S6 Cases to content with and without the need to shell out more money for a brand new […]