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must watch: homemade Jetpack with skis [video]

Troy Hartman Homemade Jetpack Skis 544x408px
(credit: screenshot from Troy Hartman’s video)

what happens when you put a homemade jetpack on your back and slipped on a pair of skis? an exhilarating 47 mph ski down the snowmobile trail! at least that’s what Troy Hartman did. in fact, Hartman’s jetpack was originally meant to be used to fly out of an airplane at 8,000 feet. something which i would never imagine doing. however, before becoming a rocketeer, Hartman decided to use the jetpack on skis first and the result was what you see in the video after the break. still, Hartman’s ultimate goal is making the jump with his jetpack and we wish him all the best. Continue reading must watch: homemade Jetpack with skis

Summit and Snow Sports goggles let you record in 1080p

Liquid Image Impact series Goggle 544x311px
(image credit: Liquid Image) Liquid Image Summit Summit and Snow Sports Goggles | about US$400.00 | www.liquidimageco.com

if you are an outdoor adventure guy, you will agree that capturing those exhilarating moments in first person perspective is kind of like a trophy to any adrenalin junkies. in the past, we have to content with standard definition, and subsequently 720p quality strap-on action cam to do the job. however, miniaturization of technology occurs so quickly and now your glorious moments can be captured in full high definition (HD) 1080p quality with the Liquid Image Summit and Impact series goggles. Continue reading Summit and Snow Sports goggles let you record in 1080p

not only can you drive an Audi, but now you can ski with it

Audi Carbon Ski Concept main 544x380px
(image credit: Audi)

Hublot isn’t the only non-sports related firm to exhibit a beautiful snow-related equipment in the recent World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Audi has a pair of beautiful crafted skis to show off, and skiers will get a chance to try out these prototypes skis too. dubbed the Audi Carbon Ski concept, the skis are designed and developed by Audi Concept Design in collaboration with ski manufacturing specialist, Head and the German Ski Association.

beyond its carbon fiber exterior lies a wooden core, surrounded by layers of aluminum and titanium and the result is a pair of ultra light weight skis that weighs just 960 grams per ski. with this design, the skis will flex on moguls, achieving maximum grip but not twisting on icy patches. this enables the skis’ steel edges to maintain constant contact with the icy surface throughout its entire length. the ultra light weight is also said to result in a highly maneuverable skis.

this pair of concept could be a reality by next winter, though there’s no indication on its pricing but we suspect it will be beyond the reach of many. from the look of the skis, we all know it will goes straight into the luxury goods category (read: pricey). however, if it becomes a reality and you eventually get yourself a pair – then you can proudly proclaim your Audi is 100% zero emission (but it’s not a car, duh!)

images horizontal 544x38px

Audi Carbon Ski Concept image1 640x450px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image2 450x640px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image3 640x450px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image4 450x640px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image5 640x450px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image6 640x450px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image7 450x640px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image8 450x640px Audi Carbon Ski Concept image9 450x640px

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not content with just time pieces, Hublot now has sledges

The Hublot Luge main 544px
(image credit: Hublot) The Hublot Sledge | US$tbc | www.hublot.com

not contented with just churning out gorgeous and ridiculously expensive time pieces, Hublot has a series of lifestyle products including skis, bikes and now sledges (or Luge). dubbed The Hublot Sledge, it is the result of a collaboration between Hublot and ECAL (Lausanne University of Art and Design) as part of its Masters in Luxury Design and Industry program which Hublot is one of the main sponsors since 2008.

make no mistake, this isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill sledge. every aspect of the sledge is the result of a fusion of artistic design with cutting-edge technology, thus fulfilling Hublot’s philosophy of the “art of fusion.” the sledge features an ash wood structure, hand-sewn leather seat, carbon fiber handles and steel runners. the Hublot Sledge is limited to just 10 units worldwide, and it will make its debut (on display) at the Alpine World Ski Championships 2011 in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany (February 7 to 20, 2011).

no words on its pricing and availability but when it is from Hublot and it has only 10 pieces worldwide, you know it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, or perhaps even more. but for design aficionados (i mean, the rich bunch), this will be the ultimate sledge to get even if sliding down a snow slope isn’t your cup of tea. it simply look awesome and if i had one, i won’t even let it touch the snow! check out more images of The Hublot Sledge after the jump.

images horizontal 544x38px 
The Hublot Luge img1 800x480px The Hublot Luge img2 800x600px The Hublot Luge img3 540x720px The Hublot Luge img4 800x600px

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Skizee is a track vehicle that pushes skier around

Skizee img1 544x600px
(image credit: Skizee) Skizee | US$2,500.00 | skizee.ca

if you are an avid skier and don’t have the luxury of snowy mountains to make a downhill run, there’s this little single track machine called Skizee that can push you around the snow with its 10.5-hp, 4-stroke engine. at glance, it look almost like the British Mark I tank but of course, it isn’t. the Skizee is part snow mobile, part human skier and it has a foldable control bar that let skier controls it. constructed out of light aluminum, the Skivee comes complete with electric start and braking control. Continue reading Skizee is a track vehicle that pushes skier around

tearing up the snow terrains: Mattracks Powerboard

Mattracks Powerboard 544px
Mattracks Powerboard | US$2,500 | www.mattrackspowerboards.com

if tearing up terrains is what you like to do and DTV Shredder is too military to your liking than take a look at the Mattracks Powerboard. conceptually similar to the DTV Shredder but the Mattracks Powerboard is designed for snow terrain only. powering the powerboard is a mid-mounted 6.5hp 200CC 4-stroke gas motor, delivering up to a top speed of 29Km/h via its solid one piece rubber track. Continue reading tearing up the snow terrains: Mattracks Powerboard