Howe & Howe Is Back With A Leaner And Meaner Sport Tank Called EV3-F1

What has a 1,500 horses 727 cu-in HEMI engine and is capable of tearing through any terrain with blunt, brute force, leaving behind track marks? Well, it is certainly not a Jeep. Neither is it a Chrysler, or Dodge. In fact, those rides will be deemed tame by what you about to witness here: Ripsaw […]

Yamaha’s Theme Of “Resonate the Future” Is Really, Really Futuristic

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha had a theme called “Yamaha Future Garage: Resonate the Future” and what the motorcycle maker brought to floor was indeed futuristic. In addition to the NIKEN Leaning Multi-wheeler previewed in late October, the show floor was occupied by dazzling examples, including a sports bike that will totally look […]

Yamaha’s New Sport Vehicle Seats Four In A Very Compact Form

Yamaha Motor has just announced the company will introduced a spanking new recreational off-road vehicle model for 2018, a 4-seat SxS designated 2018 Yamaha ‘Side-by-Side’ Wolverine X4. It promise to bring “new levels of capability, comfort and confidence to the leisure and light utility markets.” Aesthetically, it is pretty much the cool sport vehicle we […]

Marshall Motoart’s RZR 1000 is the “Superleggera” of the Off-road World

We are accustom to custom cars, trucks and the usuals, but a custom off-road sport vehicle? Well, that’s kind of unheard of. Though, I am sure there are custom ATVs and sport vehicles out there. We have no illusion about that, but the Marshall Motoart “Superleggera” RZR 1000 is hands down the best looking, if […]

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank Has No Big Gun, But Does Jumps and Drifts

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a tank like Arnold Schwarzenegger does, but then again, who needs a hulking piece of war machine that you can’t even shoot for real? I mean, it is not legal right? However, if you have the fantasy of driving one or better yet, crushing things with a tracked […]

Northern Lights Optic’s Promotional Snow Bike is a Classic Yamaha HL500 Slapped with Modern Ski Kit

Eyewear has no direct relation to snow-going transportations. That’s obvious. But to Northern Lights Optic’s Orion Anthony, the brand is all about adventure and freedom with a touch of vintage and therefore, to him, there is no better way to promote the brand by banding together a vintage trail bike with a modern snow bike […]

Polaris Announces 2016 Snowmobile Lineup Featuring AXYS Chassis

It seem like just yesterday when Polaris debuted the 2015 Snowmobile lineup featuring the AXYS chassis. Yep. It is the time of the year again, this time, we are looking at the 2016 Snowmobile lineup. As before, the new lineup features Polaris’ AXYS chassis for improved rider-balanced control and response. In all, there are twenty […]

Yamaha’s New Wolverine-R Side-by-Side Sport Vehicle Comes In Realtree Camo

There is no doubt that Land Rover’s vehicles feel right at home off road, but if you are going to get into the woods covered with unpredictable terrains, then you are going to need something a little more compact and yet as capable such as one like the 2016 Yamaha Wolverine-R Side-by-Side Sport Vehicle. Powered […]

Snow Crawler Is A Concept Snowmobile That Keeps The Rider Shielded From The Elements

Snowmobile’s design has has remain largely unchanged for ages. Though it may have more powerful and efficient engine and possibly more capable suspension, one thing has remained the same: the rider is still subjected to freezing cold. However, designer Michal Bonikowski begs to differ. His concept snowmobile, dubbed Snow Crawler, makes exploring the white powder-covered […]

British Sports Car Maker Ariel’s New Nomad Is A 200HP Off-Road Happy Ride

Truth be told that if you want some lightweight, off-road fun, there is a bountiful of sport vehicles to see to your dirt track adventures, but if Ariel is your cuppa, well, the good news is, soon you will be able to kick up some dust in off-beaten tracks too and Nomad is the ride […]