Subaru Forester Gets Souped Up by STI, But Alas, it is Still Not a Forester STI

Quell your excitement folks. What you’re looking at here is a 2015 Forester tinkered by Subaru Tecnica International and NOT, I repeat, NOT a Forester STI as one might have expected at this point in time. That means, sitting under that beautiful, sculptured hood of this Japan-only Forester tS is not the revered 2.5L turbocharged […]

All-new Subaru WRX S4 And WRX STI Launches In Japan, Goes On Sale Today

great news for fans of Japanese performance cars. Subaru newest performance rides, namely WRX S4 and WRX STI, have just been launched and they will be on sale starting today at Subaru dealers throughout Japan. while the re-imagined STI is not newest news, it is now officially available in Japan. however, what tickles our interest […]

2015 Subaru WRX

looking for a performance ride that can satisfy the speed demon in you and also execute a regular family outing routine with ease? then you might want to keep your eyes peeled for the next-generation Subaru WRX. first introduced in April at the New York Auto Show, this newest Rex from Subby has been officially been spec-ed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Subaru Legacy Concept

not only will Subaru be pulling the wrap off the next-generation WRX at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, but it will also be showing off the Subaru Legacy Concept which will let auto enthusiasts have a peek into the future design direction of the company’s flagship model. with the emphasis on the design direction also means detail specs are not known

Subaru BRZ tS Coupe

though branded under Subaru performance arm, Subaru Technica International (STI), the newly announced Subaru BRZ tS Coupe is hardly the STI you might have expected. simply put, it is like the Beemer 3 Series M Sport to the M3, which means expectation of any boost in the power department is virtually zero, instead look forward to the aerodynamic and handling improvements

Subaru VIZIV Concept Sports Crossover

if you think a crossover or SUV is a little too “family” for you by the way of its look, then perhaps the Subaru VIZIV Concept Sports Crossover might change your perception. in the growing segment of sports coupe/crossover concept cars (or simply sports crossover), the VIZIV may just be in time to join the bandwagon


the Subaru WRX STI tS TYPE RA may sounds like a mouthful, but be assured that it is for good reasons. limited to just 300 examples, the Subaru WRX STI tS TYPE RA will only be offered in sedan form. as keen automotive market watchers may have noted, this unusually long name performance sedan coming out of Fuji Heavy

Subaru WRX Concept

it has been a while since Subaru has allowed its direct competition, the Mitsubishi Evo X to strut its stuff while Scooby’s very own WRX takes a back seat. the honeymoon for Evo X might just be over, or at least there’s a hint that the Rex is going to make a come back – if the Subaru WRX Concept gets the nod of approval. and when exactly will that happen?