Winning Designs Become Upcoming Uniqlo Marvel Superheroes T-Shirts

Once again, Uniqlo proves that drawing talents outside of Uniqlo does result in exciting t-shirt print designs. For this upcoming new UT line, Uniqlo is pulling designs from the brand’s Grand Prix 2018 T-shirt design contest that celebrates the superheroes of Marvel. Well, it sucks to be villains, isn’t it? They hardly ever gotten any […]

Uniqlo Teamed Up With Murakami And Doraemon For New Tee Collection

Uniqlo has teamed up with iconic manga series Doraemon and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to incorporate the iconic characters from the series to the brand’s products. The Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection is inspired by the famous Japanese robotic cat with main visual borrowed from Murakami’s work, “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” (a la […]

You Can Put Japan’s Manhole Art On Your Chest With These T-Shirts

Remember the Japanese manhole art culture we reported earlier? Well, much to our surprise, it is not just the Japanese who are drawn to this unusual placement of art. As it turns out, a pair of Irish blokes do too. Enchanted by this strangely attractive, exquisitely detailed manhole covers found randomly on the streets of […]

Can You Really Keep Warm With Just A T-Shirt? Well, Core Tee Thinks It Can

Winter sucks. Among the many inconveniences it brought about, nothing beats the annoyance of having wear thick, chunky winter clothing because, this usually means your collection of awesome tees from the last three seasons will need to go into the cold storage, or not be seen under the layers of puffy winter outwear. Just when […]

State Bicycle Co. Teamed Up With The Simpsons Some Donut-ish Accessories

What has cult TV cartoon series The Simpsons has to do with cycling? Nothing. What has the iconic pink donut in the The Simpsons got to do with cycling? Nothing either. However, that does not make the The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition Accessories, a collaboration between State and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer […]

BAPE X Minions Apparels Cos’, Grown Men Deserve Minions Hoodies Too

How many grown men harbor the desire to dress like a Minion from Despicable Me (outside of cosplay, that is)? I don’t know? Maybe, none? However, if you are one of the those grown-ass men who adore the yellow creatures and not afraid to show it, well, then here’s 2017 BAPE x Minions apparels to […]

Reebok Savagely Poked Fun At Nordstrom’s $425 Mud-coated Jeans

Thanks to the Internet, we are starting to find out that businesses do have a sense of humor. Wendy’s is a good example, but today, it is not about Wendy’s. Today’s spotlight is on Reebok and it is not about the sporting company’s Alien kicks either; it is about how Reebok is having some fun […]

Metallic Ink Printed Garments Remind TSA X-Ray Operator Of Your Rights

We totally understand the threat of terrorism when flying and because of this, we put our faith on the government to ensure a safe air travel. However, being humans, sometimes even government organisation can take things a little too far in the name of safety. Take for example, in the U.S.A, the Transportation Security Administration, […]

Drawable Chalkboard T-Shirt Lets You Create A New Design Whenever

Even in this digital age, there’s still a place for chalkboard. There’s one good reason why it survived the onslaught of digital medium: ideas and information can be put across as quickly as they can be erase. No muss, no fuss. You see it nearly everywhere, from schools to offices and even outside bakeries and […]

Buffer Odor-free Gym Tee Promised To Never Stinks And Keep You Cool Too

So you have put all your might into each and every gym session. You know it yourself, so give yourself a pad on the back for a job well done, but for everyone else, they don’t need to know that by detecting your ‘scent’, a byproduct of your workout session, if you know what I […]