Vintage Industrial Brass Table Lamps

take a look at the Vintage Industrial Brass Table Lamps. do you think a LED or energy saving bulb will go with its aesthetic? no, it won’t and therefore, for a complete vintage industrial look, a super non-energy efficient filament has to be used, and not just any filament bulb, it has to be the Edison bulbs if you dig the look as

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

instead of displaying your collection of alcohol beverage ‘trophies’ (read: emptied bourbon and/or whiskey bottles) on the shelves, why not light them up by turning them into cool, one-of-the-kind lamps? with the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp, you can totally do that. the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is basically a frosted white

Sun Rising Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka

as good as our current clock or watch is, we still managed to let time slips past us. in another word, we are not conscious of the time that passes us and hence, work gets delayed, appointment missed et cetera. with the Sun Rising Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka, you will be visually reminded of the time is indeed moving.

LED Mushroom Desk Lamps

not all desk lamps serve its intended core purpose of shedding lights on your desk but that doesn’t make lightings such as the LED Mushroom Desk Lamps any less desirable. even the name itself spells curiosity and beckons us to check it out. one thing to note is, this isn’t your regular novelty lamps that you will find in your local novelty stores and they are certainly not Toad from Mushroom Kingdom;

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp

looking to spare your desk from the agony of cable clutter? well, you can start by getting a desk lamp that charges your power-hungry gadgets as well. speaking of which, the Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp just happens to be one of such awesome double-duty desk lamp. apart from being a regular LED-based desk lamp

LEGO Table Lamps by Sean Kenney

usually kids outgrow their toys pretty quick but there are some toys that just wouldn’t let that happen. case in point: LEGO bricks. these myriad of tiny blocks offer kids to adults endless construction configurations and when you finally outgrown it, it came back haunting you with functional home goods like these table lamps made by Sean Kenny, a “professional kid” who happens…

Harvey LED Task Lamp

lighting used to be limited to recessed cans (don’t know what those look like? just look at Pixar’s logo) but thanks to the advancement of LED technology, lamps have never been sleeker and the Harvey LED Task Lamp you see here, is one such sleek example. conceived by Brit designer David Oxley, the Harvey drew its inspiration from surgeons lamps and features super bright…

Piccolo LED Task Light

there are a growing number of gadgets that are USB-powered, so why not a lamp? well, the Piccolo LED Task Light is just the answer to that question. it is a task light that uses USB bus power to power its linear array LED and can be powered either by your computer’s USB port or if you prefer, use any of your spare USB wall charger to give a little more lumens. according to its…

t’Light E Desk Lamps

unless you don’t charge your iDevices on your desk or you have an immensely huge mahogany desk, you probably wish you have some like the t’Light E Desk Lamps. offered in two flavors, E1 and E2, each sporting dimmable 5W LEDs and an Apple-approved USB charging port, discreetly tucked away into the side of its base. these latest duo from M&C Lighting, t’Light E’s maker…