Italy Is Giving Away Run-down Properties, Including Castles, For Free

Whether you are inspired by the recent movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, or always have the dream to lead your own ‘kingdom’ complete with your very own castle, you’d be glad to know that Italy is now giving away over 100 run-dow properties, including a handful of castles, for free. I know right? […]

China Is Now Home To The World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel originated as a leisure ride that usually completes a cycle in matter of minutes, but since 2000, the idea of Ferris wheel is no longer carnival or amusement park exclusive when London Eye, which are basically fancy words for a huge-ass super slow-moving Ferris wheel with motorized capsules, opened to the public as […]

A Skyscraper Suspended From An Asteroid Is The Craziest Idea Ever

In what could be the craziest proposition we heard this week, a New York architecture firm, Clouds Architecture Office, has proposed an outlandish architecture which will be truly the ‘world’s tallest building ever’. Dubbed Analemma Tower, this insane idea proposed the building to be built not on solid ground like every other mortal structures, but […]

Insane ‘Bent’ Building Concept Would Be The World’s Longest At 4,000 Ft

To be honest, I am clueless about New York City’s zoning laws. I totally understand the need for segregation by industry and stuff, but beyond that, I am absolutely lost. Anyways, as bustling cities like New York City gets denser, the obvious solution is to go skywards. However, due to the zoning laws, there’s a […]

Casa Vista Paraiso: A ‘Sustainable’ Luxury Living In Costa Rica

When rich person talks about sustainability, we bet they hardly think to start from their home. However, if you beg to differ or decide it is time to start to start with a sustainable home (beside NOT jet setting with your private jet…), then the Casa Vista Paraiso Sustainable Home maybe right up your alley, […]

It Takes Just 4 Person 4 Hours To Put Up This Flat-pack Ikea House

One of the greatest hurdles with humanitarian aid is proper shelter. We are not talking about just a roof over the head, but one that is humanized, you know, a shelter that protects folks living within from the element with reasonable comfort. With this mind, a modular, adaptable temporary house, called Better Shelter, was designed […]

These Odd Shaped Buildings In Japan Hints What The Company Does

Iconic architectures like the Louvre, the Big Ben, the Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House are immediately recognizable because, they are, well, famous. If they weren’t, we won’t have a clue of what they do or sell. So, what do an organization do, if its building is not a famous architecture and the company […]

The Most Expensive Property In The U.S. Comes With A Helicopter

We are accustomed to skyrocketing property prices, but one that commands $250 million is plain ridiculous, but besides being a chart topper on the most expensive property in stateside, it does come with its perks and when look at those perks, you probably will think it is money well spent, especially if you are petrolhead. […]

Finally, Doomsday Shelters With Middle Class In Mind!

Since after 2012, there have been lesser talk about preparation for apocalypse, but looking today’s volatile international relations and domestic uncertainties, you’d be hard pressed not to pick up the topic once again. Then again, it is not by choice one wants to rest on his or her laurels; it is the price to prep […]

This Amazing Tiny Home With Porch Is Actually A 40-foot Shipping Container

Most tiny homes are built on mobile home or RV, but this one here, built by Custom Contain Living, is not. It is actually a 40-foot container turned into an outstanding micro home. I know right? You can’t really tell it was a container, not especially when a section of it was removed to make […]