DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator

ever wished that you can text freely with your iPhone in the most remote part of world? keep dreaming cos’ that’s not going to happen. in reality, you will need a satellite-connected device such as the DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator to do so. do not mistaken the inReach SE for a phone – it is not. the inReach SE

Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

ruggedized guitar? now that’s a good reason to be strumming away in your next camping trip deep in the wilderness. frankly, most regular people won’t have such a need, but with the Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar looking so darn awesome, you don’t need to be a musically-inclined adventurer to get one. in any case that you do go everywhere

TUMI T-TECH Cool Hunting Backpack

until the day when a smartphone can truly does it all, we are resigned to the fate of lugging along multiple gadgets when we hit the road. the solution for carrying all these geek’s essentials is obvious: a backpack, but not all backpack qualifies as the backpack that could keep your gadgets and accessories impeccably organized.

TUMI Camo Print Alpha Bravo Backpack and Tote

TUMI is not usually a name we would associate with the image of ruggedness, so we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon these special camouflage print TUMI Camo Print Alpha Bravo Backpack and Tote. no. they are not built tough per say (but its tough, regardless), but are bags taken off

TUMI Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on Luggage

ruggedness don’t always means a brawl-ish look. the TUMI Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on Luggage is one good example. made from Tegris, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material used applications such as lifesaving armor (aka bulletproof vest), NASCAR race cars and protective gear for

Crash Baggage: why worry? it is already crashed

so you have your spanking new luggage checked in and you couldn’t help but to imagine the worst that the baggage handlers would do to it? our advice: get a suitcase that has already been ‘crash’ and stop all that worry right there, right then and enjoy your flight. in a twist of a design, the luggages in the Crash Baggage

tic Shirt Button Repair Kit

having busted buttons while you are traveling or when you in a middle of a tuxe buffet event (too much eating, perhaps?) is never a good thing. instead living through the embarrassment or the discomfort of having losing a couple of buttons that leaves you all exposed and vulnerable, the tic shirt button repair kit can help to close up your involuntary opened shirt in a jiffy…

EO Travel Collection by Incase

traveling and gadgets don’t go hand-in-hand, especially with the tightened airport security and not to mention that these days, we have more than just a single laptop to bring with us. this is where EO Travel Collection by Incase can help. the collection consists of five travel bags: Hardshell Roller, Roller, Roller Brief, Backpack and Duffel – all designed to make your security…

Travelteq Passport Holder

with the Travelteq Pass Holder, travel light is the order of the day. like the now common iPhone wallets, the Travelteq Pass Holder is Travelteq’s take on an iPhone wallet when you are traveling because, apart from bills and cards, the other one essential that you will need when you are on foreign soils is passport. obvious, cos’ the last thing…

Credit Card Cutlery

ask yourself this: how many times have you forgotten to grab a disposal fork when buy your lunch? with the rush-rush lifestyle, we tend to forget this small but essential item and seriously, eating with our bare hands is the last thing on our lunch list. and it is certainly not fun sitting in the middle of the park, staring at your Caesar…