Panasonic Brings Top-Level Signal-To-Noise Ratio To Turntable

It looks like the continue growth of the vinyl market is too hard for Panasonic to ignore. Ignore it did not since a few years ago. The Japanese electronics company is continuing to reinforce its presence in the turntable market with a new turntable, the Panasonic Technics SP-10R Direct Drive Turntable. With the Panasonic Technics […]

Spinbox: A Portable Turntable That You Can Assemble Yourself

So you love vinyls, but how strong is your love for the grooved plastic disc? Is it strong enough that you will want to cobble up a turntable? Oh, wait. You don’t have the know how? Neither do we, but soon, you and I could because a thing called Spinbox is coming to the market. […]

Vintage Style Turntable Is Something No Vinyl Lovers Should Ignore

Some vinyl lovers adore the idea of futuristic vinyl player, AKA turntable, but if you are those who long for a turntable that befits the vinyl-era look, well, then look no further than the Signature Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable Stereo System from Electrohome. Clad in a real wood veneer finished enclosure, this particular turntable […]

Ermenegildo Zegna x Master & Dynamic Turntable and Music Gear

Well. What do we know? Ermenegildo Zegna, the name more associated with smart, swanky men’s wear (and to us, drool-worthy tailored suits) actually has some gadgets in the label’s lineup too. Granted, the Italian fashion label did not weaved the magic to turn out irresistibly the beautiful turntable, headphones, and in-ear headphones you see here; […]

Wheel – The Turntable That Is So Minimal That It Is Just, Well, A Wheel

Thanks to the continual love shown by people, vinyl records have risen to rub shoulders with its digital counterpart and the love given to it by music lovers has also lead to inventive folks coming out with brilliant turntables, or as some would call it, record players. To this end, we have seen quite a […]

This App-enabled Turntable Spins The Stylus, Not The Vinyl Record

Personally, I thought vinyl record aficionados would not be too picky about the machine that spins the grooved plastic disc. However, if you consider yourself an avant-garde who insist in spinning vinyls on something a little inline with today’s level of technological advancement, well, then the Love Intelligent Turntable by Love Turntable Inc. might be […]

Altec Lansing’s First Turntable Is Hexagonal, Comes With BT Speakers

Audio format has come a long way. From the first known type of recording media, Phonautogram, to the short-lived minidisc to compact disc, it seems change brought about by better technology is inevitable, but there’s a format that somehow stood the test of time: vinyl. With UK vinyl sales topping 25-year high, it looks like […]

This High-tech Block Will Spin Your Favorite Vinyls Without A Turntable

The fact that vinyls are still selling like hot cakes has vindicated the sound quality of this 19th century technology. Speaking of sound quality, nobody actually quite prove that music records don’t sound any better. While music lovers have no issue with the sound, portability poses quite a huge problem. I mean, you can really […]

Shinola Dabbles In Audio, Kicks Off With The Runwell Turntable

Shinola, the Detroit-based watchmaker, has dabbled in many things outside of its core business of making timepieces and so, it is safe to say that it is a matter of time the company dip their hands in audio devices too and dip they did. The company has announced its first audio device and surprisingly, it […]

Mag-Lev Comes To Turntable, Has Platter That Floats As It Playbacks

It seems to us that one of the latest fad in the tech world is magnetic levitation. After trains, it seems like everything else is better when floating. First you have speakers, collectible figurines, cups and now, the seemingly impossible, turntable. Yep. You heard that right. Which also begs the question from vinyl enthusiasts: is […]