That’s No M2, It Is BMW’s First People Mover, the 2 Series Gran Tourer

So you think BMW has covered all possible segments in the auto market? Think again. All this while, it have been missing out on one segment which marques like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen have long covered. Don’t know what it is? It’s MPV, or more correctly, a minivan, as it is known in the States that we’re …

Toyota Has an Urban Utility Concept Car and It Looks Super Awesome

when it comes to concept cars, most automakers will be busy churning out exotic examples, but not for Toyota. at least not this time. the Japanese automaker’s Calty Design Research has a chic new concept and it is a cargo van. dubbed Toyota Urban Utility Concept Car or U2 (i.e. U-square), it is inspired by …

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4

we don’t usually do vans. they are mostly deemed less of a workhorse (ample, no less), but the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 definitely deserves a mention because it is now available with 4×4 drivetrain. no kidding. a van. 4×4. how many times did you hear or see a van that has all-wheel drive? that plus the fact that it is coming from the pointed star marque

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