Alpha, Alienware’s Steam Machine Pushes Into the Market, Starts at $549

If you’ve been looking forward to Alienware’s iteration of Steam Machine since January this year, well, then this piece of news is going to rock your world. Alienware Alpha, as it is officially called, is now available in-store as we speak from Walmart and Fry’s, as well as online from Alienware web store. It is […]

This is a Portable Game Console That is Both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One

Between an Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which one will you choose? Probably the latter for obvious reasons, but what if you have some love left with the 360? Then you could have both boxes, which will solve your dilemma, but with Ed Zarick’s creation, dubbed Xbox Duo, you could have both rigs without cluttering […]

If You Love Retro Games, You’re Going to Love This Retro Gaming Console

By today’s standard, retro games’ graphics are horrendous. Though so, they are still loved by many, including yours truly here. in fact, the pixelated graphics have now strangely become a thing of beauty. Anyways, if you are all up for some retro arcade gaming, we bet you’re going to dig the Arkabox retro gaming console. […]

Get Your Fix for PS4 Gaming On the Road with this Custom Portable PS4

we have no idea why there is a need for anyone to carry their Playstation 4 around. i guess different gamers do have different needs and we obviously can’t speak for everyone. who knows? some may want bring it on their oversea trips, to their cabin by the lake, to their friends’ or relatives’ house, […]

Would You Buy a Solid Gold Playstation 4 or Xbox One for $13,600?

we were surprised that the maker of comedy flick The Dictator did not had the Wii in solid gold. it would be absolutely fitting for the plot, then again, back then Gatti Luxury Lab hasn’t popped the idea of solid gold game consoles like it did now. the Italian luxury jeweler has unveiled the ludicrously […]

Playstation 4 Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition Gets A Slop Of Slime ‘Dripping’ Over Its Edge

as far aesthetic is concern, we didn’t think there is anything wrong with the Playstation 4 but even so, occasional color tweaks are still welcomed, which you can get through custom skins such as those from Balolo or have a custom paint job done by Colorware or simply wait for some special editions to hit […]

Xbox One Gets Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle, Available For Pre-order Now

Call of Duty fans who have yet to pre-order their copy of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might be interested in the Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle, set to be available starting from November 3, 2014 for $499.99. for 500 bucks, you will get a custom gold-accented Xbox One […]

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon Is Actually A Working NES In Disguise

lately, there have been quite a lot of talk about turtles – in particular, those that stands 6 feet tall and talks. partly because it is a reboot since like forever and it ditches chunky costumes in favor of CGI, and also, Megan Fox was in it. nah. how’s that even possible? anyway, the flick […]

Keep Your Kids Away From Grown Up Consoles With This Video Gaming System For Kids

however game developers try, the games made for today’s game console is still not tame enough for the very young ones. i mean all those games are so grown up and not to mention, lack of educational elements. so obviously, there is a void there to be filled, oh wait, actually that void has just […]

You Can Get This Playstation 4 Bruce Lee Edition For Free

here is something that may appeal to Bruce Lee’s fans: a Bruce Lee-themed Playstation 4. unlike the regular PS4 which comes in either black or white, this Bruce Lee Edition of the 4th-gen Playstation Game Console comes dressed in the iconic yellow with black accent as a tribute to the master of mix martial’s one-piece […]