HEXO+ 6 Rotors Multicopter Wants You To Dispense With Dedicated Cameraman

we don’t know how the heck did we let this product past our radar. anyways, as it turns out AirDog wasn’t the only follow-me action sports drone being peddled on Kickstarter. HEXO+ Autonomous Aerial Camera Drone was another which has just been successfully funded last week with a whopping $1.3 million in financial backing from […]

iOgrapher Turns Your iPad Into An Outrageous-looking Video Rig

serious videographers probably won’t find themselves considering iPad as the video camera of choice for their videography needs. however, if you beg to differ, then the iOgrapher iPad Video Rig might just be right up your weird alley. honestly, we thought the rig looks kind of cool. the iOgrapher comprises of a case with integrated […]

AirDog Is Your Personal Aerial Cameraman That Follows Wherever You Go

action sports inexpensively and by virtually anyone, with or without flying experience, but what’s the fun of capturing others in action when you could be in the action and be captured in film? well, that’s precisely what a Palo Alto-based startup AirDog wants you to do with the AirDog Auto-follow Action Sports Drone and that’s […]

Satellite Slider For DSLR Cameras

getting smooth panning footages out of a DSLR is an art, which unless you are a humanoid, you won’t be able to get that perfect, jerk-free panning and that is why there are sliders and dollies to help us get the job done professionally. if you are in the market for one, you might want […]

Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Film Camera

well, it is time of the year again where broadcast and film equipment makers are eagerly dishing out new gadgets and gizmos for the industry, and not surprisingly, Blackmagic also have some interesting products to share and among them, is the Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Film Camera, which is one rig that stands out in the show not…

Blackmagic Studio Camera

we see the Blackmagic Studio Camera as a good news for aspiring talk show YouTubers. if you dream of doing what folks like David Letterman, Jimmy Fallow or whoever did or are doing, then the only thing standing between that dream and you is a properly equipped studio. speaking of which, this $1,995 studio camera might be a good place to start.

Chinon Bellami HD-1 Video Camera

somewhere along the line of video camera development, electronics makers went from a convenient trigger and pistol grip design to a less than convenient rectangular or side grip form factor that almost without fail, requires two hands to operate. weird, we would say, cos’ we thought pistol grip is a more comfortable grip option.

Lehmann Aviation LA100 Version2 UAV

flying an RC aircraft used to be a challenge of technical skills, which means many avid aerial photographers and videographers will probably miss out on opportunities of getting awesome aerial shots, but then comes along the LA100 which kind of makes piloting a thing of the past. that was about a year and half ago.

Axis360 Modular Motion Control For Cameras

unless you are into Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield-style cinematography, shaky footages are not in anyone’s favor (it makes us want to throw up, really). that said, camera movement is one element that sets a professional film apart from amateur videos.

Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K-capable Mirrorless Camera

while most smaller movie makers are content with using DSLR as substitute to video camera for capturing Full HD movies, Panasonic has another idea: how about going 4K with a mirrorless rig? yup. mirrorless. 4K. that’s exactly what the new flagship Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K-capable Mirrorless Camera is.