Playstation VR Set To Launch In October, Priced At $399

You have heard the news umpteen times over the years and now, the official words are, the Playstation VR is finally going to be available. Set to launch in October 2016, the next level of immersion in gaming on Playstation will run you back at $399 (MSRP). The news was announced at this year’s Game […]

Six Flags Brings Virtual Reality To Roller Coasters With Gear VR

4D rides are thrilling but lacks of the adrenalin rush provided by a real roller coasters. Roller coasters, on the other hand, offers the real world thrill but lacks the virtual reality elements found on a 4D ride. However, theme park operator Six Flags, has found the middle ground; one that lets riders have the […]

Mattel’s New View-Master VR Headset Is Sleek, But Very Un-View-Master

It’s barely six months after the VR generation-centric View-Master hits the stores and Mattel is already all set to show off an upgraded version of the first at this year’s Toy Fair. The View-Master DLX, as it is called, will sport better optics, focal adjustment and enhanced audio via, presumably, the integrated headphone connector. As […]

Mattel x Google View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack Hits The Shelves

Remember the View-Master toy as reimagined by Mattel and Google announced earlier this year? Well, here’s the good news: it is now available, just in time for this gifting season. Priced at just $25, this kid-friendly high-tech toy is actually based on Google’s virtual reality platform, Cardboard, which kind of makes it a Virtual Reality […]

Nokia’s $60K Virtual Reality Camera, OZO, Is Open For Pre-order

After giving up its mobile division, Nokia has been dabbling in bigger things, like navigation and imaging. If you have not yet hear, earlier on this year, the Finnish tech company has unveiled its first virtual reality camera, dubbed OZO. The product name is as odd as the shape of the camera. When viewed from […]

Cinematic Reality Lets You Interact with Virtual Objects, Tony Stark Style

Virtual reality offers you a computer-generated virtual environment, which you can interact with and Augmented Reality, on the other hand, superimposes computer-generated image over the real world. While the two technologies each have their own draws, they are far from the technology envisioned in movies like Iron Man. In the Marvel superhero flick, Robert Downey […]

This Classy VR Headset for iPhone and Android Phones Can Be Retracted for Easy Carrying

The improved Google Cardboard, the V2, is awesome, but it is still a, well, cardboard, which is not exactly durable and aesthetically pleasing. If those two “issues” kind of bothers you somehow, then you might what to look to DSCVR VR Headset by I Am Cardboard for your Virtual Reality fix. I Am Cardboard isn’t […]

Shot Wants to Bless Your iPhone with Immersive Virtual Reality, Usable with Google Cardboard

As far as immersive virtual reality is concerned, iPhone is lacking behind its Android counterpart, but if Spanish outfit Shot have their way, iPhone 6/s and iPhone 6/s Plus users can say goodbye to envy and get into the whole immersive photography and videography thing. Shot consists of two parts, a lens attachment and a […]

Here’s a New Entrant to the VR Headset Market and it Will Cost You Just $29

If you haven’t already commit yourself to a VR headset, then we could say you’re probably in luck cos’, to our surprise, there is an even cheaper option by the name of Fulldrive VR Headset. Founded by UC Berkeley graduates Ed Ow and Giovanno Yosen Utomo, Fulldrive employs a talented pool of product designers and […]

FOVE VR Headset Has Eye-tracking, Will Make Virtual World More Humanized

Some folks may experience dizziness when using virtual reality headset and it seems like it is a problem that’s here to stay for these people, a startup by the name of FOVE has invented a solution that promised to minimize the dizziness. And does so by adding eye-tracking to the usual motion sensor mix. With […]