spotNsave Personal Security Device

whether you are residing in an area where personal security is a big issue, or you are just being paranoia about your personal safety when you are out and about, the spotNsave Personal Security Device is here to give a peace of mind. this is not science friction and therefore it won’t help in repelling assailants

Amiigo – Fitness Wristband for iPhone and Android

a fitness (or activity) tracker knows when you are moving or even how vigorous a particular activity was but they can’t really differentiate between the different exercises that you have done or are doing. this where a high-tech fitness tracking device such as the Amiigo stands out from the growing activity tracker market

RE Factor Tactical Survival Band

heading out for a day in the woods doesn’t mean that you should forsake basic survival gear and the RE Factor Tactical Survival Band you see here offers an extremely favorable proposition for those who love to travel light and yet maintain minimally prepared when emergencies strike. style like a wristband and wears like one, the Survival Band contains essentials for survival…

Basis Health Tracker

for most people, the thought of getting in shape only struck them when holiday season is approaching (for some, that’s after) and when that happens, it is the time of the year where getting-back-in-shape program begins. this process is usually a long arduous journey only to be destroyed by the next holiday season. anyway, instead of jotting down the progress notes in your trusty…

Misfit Shine

chances are, most of us do not have Bruce Wayne-level of wealth to afford a loyal sidekick like Alfred Pennyworth who can help in tracking our daily activities like how far we have walked, swim or pedaled. even if you had a 24-7 butler, he couldn’t possibly stick to you 24/7 and this is where the Misfit Shine will fill in that void and leaves Alfred time to clean up the ridiculously huge house…