the fastest key money can buy: LaCie FastKey USB3.0 SSD

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(photo credit: LaCie FastKey | from US$149.99 |

don’t have a fast car? fret not. you can have the fastest key. it looks like LaCie is moving pretty quick with the implementation of the SuperSpeed USB on its line of portable storage. the latest to join the rank is the LaCie FastKey. the FastKey boost a lightning-fast speed of up to 260MB/s* and uses a Solid Sate Drive (SSD) with DRAM cache for storage clad in a stylish and sturdy metal casing.
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the FastKey comes with a AES 256-bit encryption and LaCie’s Private-Public software that allows users to create a private partition on the key. keeping private data and public data separate is an excellent idea if you use your key for both work and personal stuff. talk about keep work and personal stuff private… well, this is a start.

the FastKey comes in 30GB, 60GB and 120GB capacity and it will works with both Windows and Mac OS X. the combination of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SSD is sure to increase data transfer speed significantly. with data sizes going up the chart, this is going to be a much needed boost.

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