So, you think the unicorn float for six is huge? Well, you ain’t see nothing yet. Come 2020, there will be a party happening in Australia where the world’s largest inflatable unicorn, Unicornzilla, will be there. You heard that right. A beach party involving a, well, Godzilla-size unicorn float.

The Giant Unicorn Float Party

This behemoth of unicorn floats, which towers at a staggering 15 meters (nearly 50 feet!) tall, boasts a bouncy flat back for a boatload of party goers who love to bounce like little children and enjoy sliding down into the cold of the ocean on a water slide that happens to be the pony’s tail.

The event is set to happen at Sydney Harbour which, according to the official website, is insured by Croatia’s yacht week where “yachts will take guest into the harbor for an epic boat part with GIANT UNICORN leading the pack.” Exact dates of The Giant Unicorn Float Party are offered, but we heard it will run from January to March.

The Giant Unicorn Float Party

We are expecting the usual beach party flair, i.e. swimming, chilling (under the dangerous sun of down under), local DJs spinning live tracks (sorry, no Alan Walker for y’all), awkward dancing and chugging down loads of booze, along with extra activities like bouncing without rhyme or reason and giggle like little girls, and of course, sliding down to a short live thrill – thanks to the presence of the Unicornzilla.

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Why do we have a feeling that the the Unicornzilla will be where everyone wants to be at this party? If you down, you can sign up for early bird tickets at

Images: The Inflatable Island.

Source: via This Is Why I’m Broke.

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