The Last Windscriber A Short Film by Windscribe

Short videos are a dime a dozen on YouTube and there is certainly no shortage of well-made ones. But not often do you get a well-made short film by a business entity that does not do this for a living. The Last Windscriber is one such short film.

The Last Windscriber A Short Film by Windscribe

The Last Windscriber is by Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider Windscribe. While obviously entertaining, The Last Windscriber also serves as an explainer video of why you will want to use a VPN. It is pretty damn good that we thought it will be a crime not to share it with you.

It is presented in an anime style imbued with Rick and Morty crossed Cowboy Bebop vibe. Anyways, The Last Windscriber, follows a space explorer (an internet user) who is navigating the vast space (the internet) but encounters a bunch of undesirable situations like intrusion ads, trackers, and being geo-restricted from the explorer’s favorite online haunt.

With clever use of narration in a low, deep voice, and a suitable amount of humor, the video explains how a service like VPN can serve as countermeasures for those situations.

The Last Windscriber A Short Film by Windscribe

This video is more effective in communicating the benefits of VPN than an influencer or any ad can. I was really impressed by the video and makes me want to jump on board.

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But here’s the thing. Unlike most VPNs, Windscribe has a free plan that lets you use up to 10 GB a month free. Obviously, there are limitations to the free plan but as a user for several years now, it is sufficient for occasional “flipping over the wall”.

But if you want to geo-unlock streaming video and such, it may be worth signing up for the paid plans. We will leave you to explore the options. We are not affiliated, btw, just in case anyone’s wondering.

Images: YouTube (Windscribe).