Would you drop, say, thousands, for a pair of heels? Probably not, but hey, the mindset of the richie rich is beyond an apartment-dwelling, commoner like me. Folks who swim in vault of cash probably has no qualm about splurging tens of thousands on a pair of high heels, but $17 million? Well, that is, without doubt, reserved for the richest of the rich. The elite rich of the elite rich. And oh, $17 million, btw, is how much this pair of ladies’ kicks commands.

The Passion Diamond Shoes

Called The Passion Diamond Shoes, it is created by Jada Dubai, in collaboration with Dubai jeweler, Passion Jewelers. A pair of six-figure high heels is already hard to justify, let alone one that costs double digit millions. Having said that, Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers made sure it will be well worth the astronomical amount and this ‘worth’ is covered by real gold, along with a bunch of diamonds lining the sides of the topline, starting from the vamp with a large diamond and ending at the counter where the heel starts.

The Passion Diamond Shoes

This pair of super luxe heels is lacking of the much needed details, but the outsole and the heel breast appears to be embellished with gold dust. We can’t be sure. It sure looks like it. We are not the material of the upper either. It could real gold treated leather, or something to that effect, and the branding found on the insole appeared to be made out of real gold too. At $17 million, The Passion Diamond Shoes is the undisputed world’s most expensive shoes.

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I am not quite sure how you can get your hands on the pair, but we heard you can get a glimpse of it at Burh Al Arab on September 26, at 5 PM onward. Though I am not sure if the viewing is open to the public. Don’t be dejected that you can’t afford The Passion Diamond Shoes though because, Jada Dubai has a bunch of more ‘affordable’ luxe footwear too, including a pair of $300K diamond shoes from its Royal collection, as well as diamond-embellished sandals, ruby decorated heels, and diamond and gold heels that goes for ‘just’ $25,000-27,000 for a pair.

Images: Jada Dubai.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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