So you think spending 10 seconds to brush your precious enamels are a little too long? Well, then how does a jiffy 3 seconds sounds? If that piques your interest, then Unico smartbrush should be right up your alley. Like the Amabrush we saw a while back, Unico smartbrush promised to leave your teeth sneaky clean, completely hands free, in mere 3 seconds. I am not going to lie. It boggles my mind. Is it even possible? Apparently, it is, or so we were told.

Unico Smartbrush Brushes Teeth In 3 Seconds

Billed as the first patented smartbrush in the world that brushes your teeth “perfectly” in just 3 seconds, Unico consists of the ‘U’ shape, bristles-loaded mouthpiece, a power unit and a Dock and UV station. The mouthpiece and the power unit works hand-in-hand to swiftly clean your teeth. First, toothpaste is introduced into the power unit, which also contains the circuitry like micro-size hydraulic distribution system, motors and whatnot, and then, all you have to do is to place the mouthpiece into your mouth and double tap on the power unit. 3 seconds later, you are ready to rinse your mouth be done with the most mundane task a human has ever have to do.

Unico Smartbrush Brushes Teeth In 3 Seconds

The Dock/UV station is where you store and sanitizes the mouthpiece, and charges the built-in lithium-ion battery inside the power unit. And it is app-connoted too, allowing you to customize parameters like washing time, speed of brushes rotation et cetera via a dedicated app. Now that, my friends, is one high-tech toothbrush! I must admit. It is a very alluring proposition simply because of 3 seconds action and it looks like over 5,000 folks felt the same way too because, Unico’s Kickstarter campaign has received much love that help it blew past its funding goal by 975 percent, rolling in over €700,000 in funding. Wow. That’s like nearly US$900K funding for a toothbrush.

If you are down for it, you can pre-order a unit at €99 a pop (about US$118) for February 2018 delivery. Keep reading to catch the product pitch video.

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Unico Smartbrush Brushes Teeth In 3 Seconds

Unico Smartbrush Brushes Teeth In 3 Seconds

Images courtesy of Unico.

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