While many businesses big and small around the world have converted part or all of their manufacturing facility to manufacture face masks, Fast Retailing Co., the parent company of Uniqlo, did not do so because, selling face mask isn’t inline with the company’s business. That was just last month.

Yesterday (May 25, Japan time), the company have a change of tune. It has announced that Uniqlo will start selling face masks made from the company’s breathable, fast-drying textile as used in the brand’s AIRism line.

For those who don’t already know, AIRism is basically Uniqlo’s answer to Nike Dri-FIT and adidas’ CLIMACOOL, but marketed and used mostly in its underwear line.

Uniqlo AIRism

The company has a change of heart after receiving many customers request for face masks. That, and the obvious: AIRism is perfect for the summer heat.

Details on the pricing and the exact date of availability are to be announced.

For those who are wondering… Fast Retailing Co. isn’t a cold-hearted organization. While they previously did not make face masks, possibly not wanting to profit off the pandemic, the Japan retail giant have been contributing in other ways, like donating medical masks, isolation gowns and more to medical institutions.

Uniqlo to Sell AIRism Face Masks this Summer

Images: Fast Retailing Co./Uniqlo [JP].

Source: The Japan Times.

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