This is the Vanqraft 16, or VQ15, from Netherlands-based yacht builder, Vanquish Yachts. It is a perfect marriage between a superyacht and a jet ski, AKA water scooter. So, what’s the big deal with the VQ16? The most obvious is, it is super sleek. Way more sleek than any typical water scooter.

Vanquish Yachts Vanqraft 16

The good looks lie in the Vanquish Yachts’ DNA which the VQ16 inherited. It looks like a mini yacht, but it is clearly more maneuverable like a jet ski. However, unlike a jet ski which typically accommodates two, VQ16 can comfortable fit five plus the driver.

It is powered by a 200 HP 1.8L Yamaha motor that’s capable of propelling the 16-foot (5.06-meter) vessel to a top speed of 40+ knots (equivalent to 74 km/h or 46 mph land speed). Speed demons will be glad that there is an even quicker version, the Veloce version, powered by a supercharged motor that could reach a top speed of over 50 knots (equivalent to around 93 km/h or 80 mph land speed).

Vanquish Yachts Vanqraft 16

Make no mistake. This isn’t a speedboat (even though we tagged it so), this is essentially a supersized water scooter, bearing designs typical of water scooters like the jet ski-style handlebars as opposed to a steering found on speedboats and it has an elongated seat for two. But yet, the rest of the watercraft, particularly the interior, looks absolutely like a shrunken down superyacht.

Perfect seafaring tender to go with your Vanquish Superyacht that you may already own. The Vanquish Yachts Vanqraft 16 is available to any richie rich willing to drop the money.

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As to how much the VQ 16 will set you back, the price is on request.

Images: Vanquish Yachts (Stuart Pearce).

Source: designboom.

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