you know big wheels? given the right rear tires, they are actually pretty amazing drift rides, but there is just one slight issue: you will either need some serious hills to get the most out of it, or you will have to pedal like crazy to get a slight drift, if any, out of it and you most certainly can’t do so on rough surfaces like asphalt. with the Verrado Electric Drift Trike By Local Motors, drift trike takes on a slightly different twist – thanks to the onboard brushless hub motors, you can now execute your drift maneuvers even on flat-out tarmacs. the Verrado Electric Drift Trike is the electric-powered version of the firm’s super rad Verrado and is packed with Lithium Cobalt Manganese battery which provides up to 45 minutes of run time or 12 miles range per three-hour charge.

Verrado Electric Drift Trike By Local Motors

pair the new-found powered drivetrain to a set of 5-inch wheels and 10-inch karting tires combo, wrapped in 7/8-inch thick PVC wheel sleeves, and you are looking at a drift-happy trike that does not give a damn about gradients. a disc brake system with regenerative braking offers control acceleration and stopping power, as well as putting some of those energy back into the battery. the trike is built around a steel chassis, power coated for durability and aesthetic, and features textured custom foot pegs for extra traction, cushioned seat for comfy ride, and a proven BMX fork coupled with a 20-inch heavy duty front wheel. you can secure one through the project’s Kickstarter campaign for $1,560 with delivery expected to happen as soon as June. unfortunately, this trike of awesomeness is only available to the U.S. what a bummer.

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