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Vers 1Q
Vers 1Q | US$95.00 |

cube speakers. we have bumped into them from time to time and honestly, they all look pretty much the same but the Vers 1Q stands out among the cube population by going the woody way. packed within this 3-inch wood-clad cube is 2-inch full range driver rated at 6.5W, a Bluetooth module (v2.1, if you must really know), a 3.5mm audio input caters to non-Bluetooth enabled music (or media) players and a rechargeable internal battery that is good for 10 hours or more playback. available in a choice of Walnut, Bamboo and a limited edition Red Beech for its wooden enclosure, guaranteeing that it will never be out of place in any wood-themed home decor or when you are out camping in the wilderness. oh, in case you are wondering, it can remember up to 10 paired devices, which should be sufficed for most mortal usage.

as a plus for tree huggers, Vers Audio will be planting a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for each 1Q delivered through Kickstarter. yes, Vers Audio is seeking your support to make this little cube a reality via Kickstarter and it can be yours if you make a pledge of $95 or more or if you have a little more to spend, $125 will score you a limited edition Red Beech edition. regardless of which you choose, expect delivery to be from November 2012. btw, Vers Audio has already surpassed it’s original funding goal, so you can of peace of mind that this little guy will be made and delivered as promise. so go ahead and grab one if you want to but if you need to deliberate about this acquisition, you have around 19 days to do so. need further convincing? then head past the jump for a pledge video.

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