VooMote Zapper + app = iDevice universal remote

VooMote Zapper 544x328px
(image credit: zero1.tv) VooMote Zapper | €49.99 | voomote.tv

we love our iDevice so much that we gotta make sure our couch potato lifestyle includes them and hence, we turned them into a trusty universal remote controller that command all our IR-equipped entertainment equipment. in fact, the market is not lacking of it. the latest to join the universal remote fray is VooMote Zapper, a tiny device that attaches to your iDevice’s dock connector and sends out IR signal via its four IR LEDs. the four IR LEDs ensure that you are in control, how ever you turn, tilt or turn your iDevice.
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needless to say, the tiny hardware has to work in sync with a free VooMote app that is totally customizable with multi-room functionality, TV Guide, macro function and of course, learning function. it even comes with a case with a variety of colors to choose from, to suit your iDevices. for iPad 2 users, you will be glad to know that this case works seamless with your Apple Smart Cover. the VooMote Zapper is expected to be available mid-October with a MSRP of €49.99 (US$69.99) a pop.

VooMote Zapper 544x311px

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