not so long ago, Mr. Sound System met and fell in love with Ms. Coffee Table which lead to their holy matrimo...

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not so long ago, Mr. Sound System met and fell in love with Ms. Coffee Table which lead to their holy matrimony as initiated by Belgian designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer and soon after, Acoustable was born. on the surface, Acoustable looks just like another round coffee table but it is not. it is a coffee table and sound system rolled into one. this marriage between a coffee table and a sound system makes perfect sense as coffee table is most likely to be in the center of the living room, thus for the first time, music can be projected right from the center of a living space. unless, you choose to place some speakers in the middle of your living room, which frankly, would be rather awkward.

the gap between the table top and the base is not a magazine shelf but instead, hidden within is a Teac sound system comprising of a stereo amplifier with USB/iPod interface, woofer and speaker system. the Acoustable also comes with a NEXTGEN’s Infrared to RF remote extender allowing remote controlled operations of the sound system without the need for line of sight. the table itself is made out of polymer and mineral blend that combines the advantages of stone and plastic. from the exterior, there isn’t a single hint of technical elements, other than the media player and the remote control device, which can be both stow away in a built pocket.

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the Acoustable measures 120-cm in diameter, 50-cm high and weighs 70-kg. now for the golden question: where can i get one of this awesome coffee table? well, there are no words on its pricing and availability but if you are dying to lay your hands on one then i guess contacting the people responsible for Acoustable will be best bet but in the meantime, do check out some images of the Acoustable after the jump.

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