This is a Game Boy stuck into a watermelon. I guess you could called it a, well, MelonBoy. Created by a Singaporean college student Cedrick Tan, this “world’s first watermelon game boy” uses a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Game Boy emulator to run a legit copy of the 2004 Pokemon Emerald game.

World’s First Watermelon Game Boy

In case you are wondering, yes, that is a real watermelon. However, it is now without its meat. The internal was emptied out and in its place are electronics.

The “MelonBoy” is complete with a 1.8-inch screen, speakers and a bunch of buttons for gameplay. Normally, a Game Boy is classified as a handheld gaming console, but Tan’s MelonBoy feels more like a console… that’s susceptible to rolling.

World’s First Watermelon Game Boy

Anywho, long story short, Tan took its not so portable, portable gaming device on the train to see the real-world reaction. It wasn’t as smooth sailing like it was shown in the video. While at a train station, someone actually mistook it as a bomb (thanks to the red buttons, I guess) and reported a man was toting a “watermelon bomb.”

A train station staff responded to the alarmed passenger only to find that this watermelon is actually a gaming device stuck to a melon. Well, didn’t I say it is a fun thing? OK, maybe nervously fun for some. Video after the break.

World’s First Watermelon Game Boy
The lady on his left must be stumped.

Images: Instagram (cedishappy)/YouTube (@Cedishappy).

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