Zanco Tiny t1 The World’s Smallest Phone

Whenever a non-smartphone surface, we ask the same question all over again: in this connected world, is there still a place for mobile phones that aren’t smart? Apparently, there is and Zanco is a living proof because they have been making mobile phones that will feel right at home in the pre-smartphone era. In other words, they make phones with a regular LCD display that is strictly for digits and texts, and yes, the phones have physical keypads too, numeric keys. Sounds a little ancient, isn’t it? No doubt it is, but that doesn’t stop Zanco in believing there is a market for ‘dummy’ phones and it is making you notice this with what it claims as “the world’s smallest phone.”

Zanco Tiny t1 The World’s Smallest Phone

Called Zanco Tiny t1 mobile phone, it is functional (duh…), so you can totally make calls and text with Zanco Tiny t1, although I am curious how one can comfortably type on a tiny device that is smaller than a grown man’s palm? Or, to be precise, a thing that measures 12 x 21 x 46.7 (0.47 x 0.83 x 1.84 inch). Yes. It is that small! Crazy right? What’s even more crazy? It runs on now almost obsolete 2G networks. Yep. If you are up for it, we have good news for you: not only can you own the Zanco Tiny t1, but it is super affordable at just £30 (around US$40) a pop.

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Images: Zanco.

via Digital Trends.