You need to charge your mobile devices quickly when shuttering between point A and point B, and you also need to be prepared for unfortunate emergency situations where, you know, you are compelled to break the car window to get out, or perhaps, even cutting the seatbelt to free yourself. I know, today, to most people, the definition of ‘emergencies’ is more of the horror of gadgets running out of juice and does not include unforeseeable circumstances where breaking car windows and slicing seat belts are required, but in case you are one of the few sane people left on Earth who sees the possibility of bad things happening when commuting in a car, well, then then you will want the Ztylus Stinger In-car USB Charger and Emergency Tool in your life.

Ztylus Stinger In-car USB Charger and Emergency Tool
A USB charging device…

At a glance, Ztylus Stinger looks like a fancy piece of automotive 12V port-compatible charging device, but it is more (of course, it is, or it wouldn’t be talking about it!). Apart from offering dual USB ports, each pushing out a beefy 2.4A to quickly load up your mobile devices with precious electrons, it also has a spring loaded window breaker to ensure quick glass breakage without the need for brute force and a razor sharp seat belt cutter to let you free yourself from jammed seatbelt. The beauty of Ztylus Stinger is, since it goes into the 12V port (which, in most cars, it is located just below the center dash), it will always be within reach. Obviously, that is much better than having another set or two tools stash in the glove compartment which may not be as accessible.

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If you are convinced that Ztylus Stinger In-car USB Charger and Emergency Tool is the gadget accessory you need (and seriously, why not?), you may want to consider picking up a unit from Ztylus website or Amazon for a modest sum of $21.95.

Ztylus Stinger In-car USB Charger and Emergency Tool
Still a USB charging device…

Images: Ztylus.

Ztylus via The Gadgeteer.

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